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rihanna\'s anything-goes lingerie crowns ny fashion week

by:GF bags     2019-09-14
Rihanna celebrated women of all shapes, sizes and colors in a show that made public her brutal X Fenty Lingerie collection, bringing New York fashion week to its climax on Wednesday.
This Barbadian superstar came out in a number.
Embrace the coffee gown and sunglasses and wave with a smile to the crowd crowded at the Brooklyn Naval base.
If there is any theme, make any type of woman, be beautiful no matter what kind of person you are, Rihanna will meet all your underwear needs ---
Whether it\'s kid shorts, sexy thongs or nipples --
One bearing.
We dance and twist on astronomy.
On the platform of the lawn covered with plants, for nearly 30 minutes, their figure cast a long shadow as they enter and exit the nylon foam tent.
From the female fat man to the pregnant woman, to the girl next door wearing soft pajamas, the shape, color and size of the underwear dress are different, with matching silk gloves on the elbow.
Supermodel Bella Hadid, dressed in baby blue, stood on some shorter-sized women and finally held hands with them.
2018 autumn and winter series can be purchased immediately.
Earlier in the evening, Marc Jacobs, the darling of American haute couture, was 90 minutes late, cleverly demonstrating the charm, pastel colors and folds of 1950. -
\"Very comfortable \"-
His spring 2019 series has a feel of 1950 and 1960, all the pastel and glamour, but the long delay has angered the guests, some of whom have gone out.
In order to bow perfunctory, the designer just appeared in a hurry.
The guest of honor is rap star Nicki Minaj, wearing a low profile dress
Cut red dress
Large folding sleeves.
If there is a word for Marc Jacobs evening dress, it is folds and folds, decorated with the throat, shoulders and skirts of the dress, they are very large and have their own movements, elegant lady
Like a little pastel.
Colorful handbags and delicate high heels.
Elle magazine reported that 37 models on the show chose to bleach their real hair and then dye it with a series of pink, blue, green and peaches to align their skirts with the dress.
\"Mark doesn\'t want\" fun \"pastels, he wants to make it historical and looks a bit retro,\" the magazine quoted Josh Wood, global color creative director at Redken as saying.
Hair stylist Guido Palau said, including a tall pony --
The tail is a nod to a woman like Barbra Streisand and is also a time to celebrate women\'s efforts to make themselves look always smooth.
\"A \'complete\' woman is something Mark really wants to emphasize again,\" Palau told Elle . \".
\"It\'s a very interesting look. \"-
\"The side of the Sun \"-There are 1980-
Strong suits in style, hats with nets, and rich seasonal color trends--
Bright yellow and pale lemon.
Earlier in the day, Michael Coles opened bi-
Feast of the Year-
Nicole Kidman and Catherine Zeta
Front row Jones, this is a fun series inspired by the beach. The 59-year-
The old designer created a set by Australia-born, Brooklyn-
New York-based artist Christina Zimpel has a strong reaction in the Caribbean or Mediterranean Sea, in contrast to the blurry view of the Brooklyn Bridge.
\"Global Holiday\", \"Sunny Side\" and \"From Me to You ---
\"Spreading happiness\" is how billionaire Kors summed up the optimistic color celebration, which is very beneficial to the happiness trend in spring 2019.
From turquoise to watermelon, Persimmon and lemon, to a soft floral hat, a tassel lime green skirt and a metal green pants suit and matching bag, the fashion show is full of print and color.
The pants come in a variety of styles, but the most striking is the floral and broderie anglaise flare with a huge bell bottom.
In the evening, cut clothes for the beach, but designed for soiree in metal materials.
Kors put stripes on jackets, skirts, trousers and shoulder bags, which is also a trend shown on Longchamp and Coach this season and loyal to his nearest M.
Including the curve model on the runway.
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