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reviewing 5 great laptop backpacks

by:GF bags     2019-09-24
Maybe it\'s just me, but I\'m picky about my bag.
I love the thick padding on the straps, a lot of pockets and parts that are used to organize the peripherals, to protect my laptop, and of course, it should attract my beauty.
I will also bring a lot of equipment.
I have a 17-inch MacBook, external hard drive, microphone, recorder . . . . . . All of this has to be organized so I can quickly find what I need.
It also gets heavy so I prefer a backpack to a messenger bag.
Here is my favorite laptop backpack: Oakley AP backpack 3.
Oakley AP backpack 3.
0 is versatile enough to make your Starbucks writing every dayand-be-
Watch meetings or hiking in the concrete jungle.
It can accommodate up to 17 laptops with enough pockets and a belt for extra support.
The Crumpler beer after the month.
No matter how strange the design of the website is, Crumpler was launched after serious gossip.
Looks can be deceptive.
This beer backpack looks like a normal fashion backpack, but it is strong enough to cope with anything you can cope.
The backpack is waterproof and large to open and can of course accommodate a 17-inch laptop.
The removable laptop case is padded with 6 pockets for accessories.
There are five other pockets in the bag.
The stylish Timbuk2 Track Daypack pack has three interior compartments including a corduroy-
The inner lining of the laptop.
The front compartment provides easy access to the organizer\'s pocket.
The straps and back pads on this one are very good;
They did not cut corners here.
The Timbuk2 underground Daypack has a unique feature: side panel pocket instead of front panel pocketto-
Rear layered compartment.
The main compartment will hold your laptop, books, and other large items, while you can easily put smaller objects into the side panel.
Airport addiction, a think tank you carry with you (or even more)
For you, it may be a bag that is addicted to think tank airports.
Whether you\'re going to the airport or not, this bag will allow you to put as much as possible in a legal carry-onon sized bag.
Unfortunately, it
And the rest of the airport series)
Only a 15-inch laptop can be accommodated.
I like the design, flexibility and organizational capabilities of these packages.
They are all good choices, depending on what you like.
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