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recycle dead umbrellas into great bags of all kinds

by:GF bags     2019-09-17
In this Instructure, I will show you how to use all the dead umbrellas around the city in wet windy weather.
I guess the instrucabler is usually green, so you\'ll love this way of recycling dead umbrellas and also have handy compact shopping bags so you don\'t need plastic supermarket bags anymore.
They roll up small and you can put one in the pocket of each coat and affordable handbags.
Obviously, you need a broken umbrella first.
Especially in wet and windy weather, these are easy to get.
During the week, I gathered more than 30 umbrellas, a 2-minute walk from my home to the station and a 10-minute walk from the station to the office in the city center.
I just stuffed my umbrella into the public bin.
This small telescopic umbrella is very popular in Glasgow, most of which are black.
I ended up getting a bunch of them, and to avoid making millions of small, boring bags in black, I used a lot of them to line up some of them or to make handles.
If you don\'t, then you need something to make a handle or strap: Tape, laces, or even a rope.
The term I will use (
Probably not an official umbrella.
Recognized by the manufacturer Association)
: Leather: fabric of umbrella: metal or plastic rod that makes the skeleton shape of the umbrella under the fabric.
End: small plastic stuff sewn on the fabric and mounted on the end of the pillar.
Handling: the whole thing from the point you hold to ferrule.
Ferrule: small pieces (
Metal or plastic)
This makes a pointed point on the open umbrella.
When you find the dead umbrella, it will almost certainly get wet (
Because it\'s raining, isn\'t it? )
It can also be dirty, so you have two options: either put it in the bag you carry with you or take the fabric off there.
You really can only do this with some big \"golf\" umbrellas.
Due to the way they are made, you can slide the stitching onto the pillar and pull it down directly.
You can\'t use a telescopic one, though, because the stitching is more complicated.
There is always a knife in my affordable handbags (
Like Rule 9 for NCIS Gibs, but I always do this because you never know what you will find on your trip)
It is shameless to peel the skin off the umbrella in public.
The end of most umbrellas is just pulled down from the pillar and still sewn on the edge of the fabric.
If not, you have to cut them off with scissors.
Then you have to cut off the line that sew the pillar on the fabric --
Usually 3 or 4 points per pillar.
Finally, in order for the entire skin to fall off the pillars, you have to bypass ferrule.
Wash the fabric now.
It will dry up soon.
If you want to iron it smooth, be sure to use cotton teacloth or something like that between umbrella fabric and iron, otherwise the fabric will melt excitedly.
Now you need to use your imagination (
Or the idea of my last step)
Decide what bag you want
The first time I did this was to replace the plastic bag in the supermarket with a shopping bag.
We have a lot of lovely cottom bags etc at home, but I always forget to take them with me, especially when shopping in small size.
The umbrella is eight leather boards (
When you put them flat on the octagonal)-
Figure 1. skin panel of or6 (hexagonal)-picture 2.
This affects what you can do with them.
The basic shopper is made by cutting the skin in halfpictures 3&4.
Then you fold the half in half and the right is inside-picture 5. From an 8-
Panel skin this gives you a shape with two front edges of the panel at the top of the bag and a steep point at the bottom of the bag.
Sew the sides up and put on some handles and you do that.
I do all the sewing work with an old handmade sewing machineGarbage bins in America
So the bag is completely carbon neutral.
If you are really desperate, you can assemble these things with Staples and tape.
You can make your imagination and creativity crazy about making all kinds of bags instead of making this disgusting plastic plague like in the first photo: shoppersBeach bagsbackpackmanbagshandbagsshouder bagsI now has a lot of umbrella skeletons.
From steel to plastic to aluminum, the length and material are different, some long, some short and have joints.
Does anyone have any ideas about struts?
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