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Purchasing some mementos of the past

by:GF bags     2019-09-12
Before auctioning over 70 rock souvenirs, vintage beer labels and other artwork from Austin\'s old mao world headquarters, one should be --
The buyers crowded into the parking lot.
\"It\'s bigger than our building.
People fly from California and New York.
We received calls from all over the world, Australia and the UK, \"said the owner of this very crowded auction house.
\"It\'s personal for many of them.
They asked, \"Do you have a poster for this particular concert?
\"I was there,\" he said . \"
In 1970, when he and his partner opened mao in a shabby armory building south of the city center, love and revolution were in the air, and Austin\'s music scene was just beginning.
Ten years later, it closed and brought many of the most important performances of the greatest age of rock to the rough stage, where the Austin music stage is on the national map, and the SXSW music festival has proven that, it did not stop growing.
While some took part in Saturday\'s auction as collectors, they had no personal relationship with aro, and others recalled that when performing on stage like Johnny Winter, spend a dollar or two sitting in the smoke of marijuana or tear it off.
At the age of 63, he is the owner of a guitar repair shop in Austin. he came here to find some rock posters and also to recall. “It was great.
It was in the hippie era.
Everyone is very friendly and kind.
\"There are people wearing cowboy hats and boots, and people wearing beads and sandals, which is a good combination, otherwise they may not get along with each other,\" he said . \".
Starting with project number
1. a Pearl beer octagonal red light bell, which attracted $1,300 through No. 1
500, a wooden aircraft propeller, the bidding action is very intense, and most auction prices easily exceed the estimates in the auctioneer\'s catalogue.
Rock stuff is the same.
The grand opening poster at Aro World Headquarters brought in $2,000.
A signed poster drew the same picture. A hand-
The tool leather briefcase with the aro logo outside (with 100 joints in a hidden compartment, according to Wilson) attracted $2,400.
Matthew, his 58-year-old son, took it all back to Odessa and is now back in Austin.
He said that his love for aro in the first year reduced his first stay there, but left no regrets.
\"I spent more time at mao than I did at school, so it returned to Odessa a year later,\" he said . \".
\"The most important thing at the time was Commander Freddie King and Cody.
\"You will sit in the beer Lake and nobody cares,\" he said . \".
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