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princess diana\'s personal music collection among items to go on show at palace

by:GF bags     2019-09-11
LONDON (Reuters)-Rarely-
The property of the late British Princess Diana, including her music collection and ballet shoes, will be on display at Buckingham Palace in London this summer to mark the 20 th anniversary of her death.
Diana\'s sons Prince William and Prince Harry chose many of the items selected for display \"to reflect their mother\'s commitment to responsibility and their personal memory of her,\" the Royal Collection Trust said on Friday.
Diana, the first wife of the heir. to-the-
On August 1997, Prince Charles was killed in a car accident in Paris, and some commemorative activities were planned to commemorate her death.
William and Harry attended a private service earlier this month.
Dedicated to her grave, the brothers also commissioned a statue for her outside their official London residence.
Items shown in the show include a leather photo frame with photos of family and friends on it, a burgundy leather briefcase, and her school \"tuck box\" when she is not in a boarding school, she used to put candy and other snacks in it with the name \"D Spencer\" on it.
The tribute also included a box of cassette tapes, which included albums from artists such as George Michael, Diana Ross and Elton John who sang famous songs at her funeral.
The exhibition will open on Saturday, and visitors to the Palace will also be able to see more than 200 gifts made for Queen Elizabeth during her 65 years old
It includes town paper made of dinosaur bones and the United flag badge worn by British astronaut Major Tim pique in space.
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