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primark delights fans of gucci\'s £1,710 dionysus bag by releasing a £10 copycat - but can you tell which is the designer version?

by:GF bags     2019-09-18
Gucci has been enjoying the purple patch recently and its beautiful suede Dionysus bagproving is a perfect proof of this.
However, if luxury accessories exceed the budget,
High street giant Primark offers a price tag of £ 1,710, no worries
Price replacement.
The price of the suede leather backpack in Primark\'s luxury Italian fashion house is only 10.
Design with more budget-
This light pink bag is friendly in packaging and decorated with metal rings, very similar to the hardware buckle on the Gucci bag, which has a small tiger head closure.
The main difference between the two accessories is the shoulder strap, which appears in the form of a chain in the high-end version.
But Primark will have to sell 170 of their bags to get the same profit as Gucci sold only one.
The Italian fashion company described its bag and wrote: \"The wine god shoulder bag, now defines the closure of the textured tiger head --
A unique detail refers to the Greek god dionsos, who is said to have ridden the tigriss River in mythology on the tiger that Zeus gave him.
The sliding chain strap can be worn in many ways, changing between the shoulder and the top handle bag.
There is a large crystal on the edge of the outline, highlighting its shape.
Meanwhile, Primark logged into their Instagram account on Wednesday morning and shared a snapshot of their own package with the title: \"Hey bee --
Exquisite bag for £ 10/€ 14.
The account was quickly overwhelmed by comments from excited followers.
\"Similar to gucci,\" one fan wrote, while another added: \"Stop posting beautiful stuff! \'.
This bag is also very similar to the designer\'s crystal backpack version of the wine god, which retails on the eyes --watering£2,880.
In November, the high street chain produced a pair of gold boots in the same version of Saint Laurent for 685.
The high street version, which costs only £ 14, has the same elastic black side details, thick heel and patented color as the premium custom version.
The only logo for the designer pair is the subtle \"ysl\" logo placed on the designer\'s heel.
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