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prada offers \'see now, buy now\' bags straight off the milan catwalk

by:GF bags     2019-09-17
MILAN (Reuters)-
Italy\'s Prada mixes military, nautical and 1940 together, looking for women at Milan Fashion Week next fall, and joins \"now look, starting Friday, offer two new styles of bags in the selected store and buy the \"retail model\" immediately.
Miuccia Prada, seen by fashionistas as a trailblazer, mixes prints with luxurious fabrics to create glamorous, colorful, layered outfits for her collection.
The 66-year-old designer wears fur on the sleeves and lining of a check or leather jacket and cloak, embroidery on the slinky velvet dress, and plays with a series of prints --
Cactus, flowers and fruits
Tops, skirts and skirts.
Brocade also plays an important role in collection-
It\'s the gold on the jacket and skirt.
A dark coat with a white sailing cap and a thick tights is reminiscent of an elegant military style.
The shoulders of the dress and the tight jacket are large, somewhat similar to the contours of 1940, and some are worn with a short elbow --length gloves.
Almost all of them come with big bodice. Like a belt, tie
Boots, sandals with buckle or peep
Shoes and handbags, some very attractive, some very small, wear on the neck.
The brand is known for its luxury leather goods, with a affordable handbags price of up to 6,000 euros ($6,600)
, Showing the latest additions to its accessories range at the show: the new pionnier and Cahier bags.
Small shoulders-
The retail price of the package is 1,750 euros and 2,400 euros respectively.
Inspired by hunting, uniforms and travel, and the more expensive Cahier, it\'s reminiscent of old book binding and notebooks.
The bags will be available on Friday at Prada select stores in Milan, London, Paris and New York.
As customers live in different climate conditions, several fashion companies have announced that they want to be in the usual six
By providing runway projects in stores or online, the monthly gap between fashion show and retail availability.
Prada\'s net income is almost flat.
For the year ended January, EUR 55 billion.
31 last week, revenue in recent quarters was hit by a slowdown in expensive store investment and demand for luxury goods, particularly from major Chinese markets.
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