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people are ridiculing balenciaga for their £2,325 tote that looks exactly like a blanket bag

by:GF bags     2019-08-22
Balenciaga is the designer of choice for some of the world\'s largest celebrities.
Loved by model Rosie Huntington
Whitley, Amale Clooney and all the Kardashians, the Balenciaga bag is really a fashion item for the rich and famous.
But, after releasing an odd-looking fashion accessory, the brand has recently been the focus of some playful laughter, similar to what most of us have at home.
Their blankets are textured.
Leather Tote Bag, described by fashion lovers as \"funny stupid\" as it looks like a runof-the-
Grinded plastic bag with duvet.
This handbag is reasonably priced
Water 2,325 on the Interneta-
Potter, like this pillow bag that only cost you £ 15.
There are two pillows inside.
Some people on Twitter pointed out the similarities and had some fun
People who love to push out their version from the drying cabinet.
A netizen wrote: \"I must have been rolling at that time. I don\'t know these are Parisian families.
The other person said: \"I have a similar model, so please let me know if anyone is interested, this is Balenciaga\'s special collection of\" Kambal in India \"for only 2000 euro thx \".
Another interesting Twitter user said: \"It\'s so stupid.
But I still like fashion.
Twitter user SoyySaucce, who first noticed this incredible similarity, said: \"Guys, I\'m exhausted by fashion.
Isn\'t this a blanket bag for us?
\"This package can be purchased online from luxury retailers --a-
Potter explained: \"The oversized handbag of Balenciaga is looking for beauty every day, inspired by the classic carpet bag.
\"This is not the first time that the Balenciaga women\'s bag has been pushed to the forefront-
A 1 k Balenciaga bag is like a laundry bag.
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