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ny fashion week: wrap up with kimonos and belts

by:GF bags     2019-09-17
I started my fashion week in Harlem on Fifth Avenue, and the New York City Museum is holding a black fashion party for Essence magazine.
This event hosted by Diddy tells the story of Hip-
Dance fashion in the past 20 years.
The museum exhibits legendary hip-
Hop accessories--
From the 1980 s by LL Cool J famous Kangol to blinged-
The Kimora Lee Simmons Hello Kitty pendant is available.
In the heart of Chelsea, I caught up with the imitation of Christ designer Tara Subkoff.
Her model was decorated in a white bucket with no expression.
They have two more.
An elegant hairstyle that easily blends vintage style with modern kicks.
Other notable accessories include plush animal wristband bite-
Silk messenger bag in size, trendy colored leggings and kimono jacket in floor length.
At the mixed Green Gallery, we entered the fairy tale world of designer Elisa Jimenez, where we were welcomed by dancers who jumped around on a Whirlpool runway.
This series includes models with actual curves, wearing all-white biodegradable pieces.
The most unusual accessories?
Angel Wings cut like the shoulders of a football player.
At the DC lab show in the city center, I was pleasantly surprised by the clean and interesting work displayed.
I saw shorts with gold, silver and white strap sandals on the shorts and a wide belt on the hips ---not the waist--
Unique Millennium bug wrapped with ribbons and silver bells.
These watches are predictable at the TAG Heuer\'s \"beauty and strength\" exhibition.
Diamond chips, crocodile skin and basic silver, gold and platinum designs.
The most interesting accessories are all kinds of celebrities on the white carpet ---
Like racing driver Jeff Gordon, rapperturned-TV-
Producer Eve and stunning Uma Thurman.
So what can you expect next spring? *Both over-the-
Top and subtle hairstyles * basic items of 80 and 90 years old, such as Keds with high or low waist * Kangol bright band * A waist-
Long shoulder bags or simple scarves but enjoy autumn at the same time.
After all, any fashionista will tell you that this is the best season for personal style.
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