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now, backpack video surveillance

by:GF bags     2019-09-21
The police carry a backpack like a college student, ride a bicycle to Ganesh pandal and aim it with a camera.
His boss, who is far away, views videos in real time through the wireless network on his laptop.
Even when moving
And review the security measures.
Welcome to the new backpack mobile video transmission system that police in Hyderabad are testing to monitor Ganesh celebrations.
With the devotees of mehtees hs gathering thousands of Ganesh pandas in every corner of the state capital, the top police officers always find it difficult to know what is going on at the scene.
A new system for technology development
The savvy Hyderabadi businessman Siddamshetty Rajanikanth has become a convenient solution for them.
The company does not have complex technology, expensive spare parts and recurring expenses, he said. Thirty-one-year-
Rajanikanth, the old Rajanikanth of the yarakoman network, recently started the business of security gadgets and conceived the plan.
The IP 66 standard camera is connected to an encoder with compressed high resolution video software.
This is connected to a router with a 3g modem that delivers a compressed form of live video to the server.
Create a URL for the end user-
The police want to watch this video.
He will log into the website from his laptop using a specific username and login password and view the live visuals.
\"The advantage of this system is --
Cameras, encoders, routers and modems
You can put it in your fashion backpack.
It does not require direct electricity.
Batteries that can also be placed in the bag make things easier, \"said Rajanikanth.
Even a police officer carrying a backpack can ride a bike around and shoot visuals, and his superiors can see the same live broadcast anywhere in the city.
Real-Time Visuals can also be seen on phones with 3g facilities and windows.
The camera has night vision and can see the image even if it is dark.
Police officers tested it during the rain without any complications.
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