New stage, new Gaofeng

During the period of summarizing our work performance this year, also to work out next year production plan. The business team of Gaofeng bag Co.,Ltd carried out a group construction activity on November 11, 2019.

During the activity, we mainly reviewed and summarized the work of the past year, and roughly discussed the expansion and construction plan of the business team next year, as well as the construction of the business infrastructure next year.

The activity said that this year’s turnover of Gaofeng bags factory is 25% higher than last year, and its business volume is 47% higher. This year is a busy and fruitful year. More and more customers are willing to cooperate with Gaofeng, and choose Gaofeng’s products. Gaofeng is also have strong confident to provide customers with higher quality products and become professional manufacturer of all kinds bags.

In addition, due to the growth of business and the commitment of customers for our factory, that the order volume will double again next year, we also began to expand our business team to prepare the next year business rush, increase 4 business positions, 1 business documentary position, and increase 1 business marketing position. These jobs are already under process. At the beginning of December, two new members will join our team, and other positions will also be added, fill up at the beginning of next year.

In order to better coordination with the expanded business team, we will also add business tools. At present, we have construction of our independent online shopping mall of our own brand bag, this web will be running on line at the beginning of next year; subsequently, we will also carry out our shop in Amazon to sell our own brand and independently designed bags.

We never stop improving and breaking through ourselves. And now we are witnessing the growth of Gaofeng Bags.

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