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New Challenges from Horizn Studios?----A piece of cake


By Don Evans | GF Bags

Updated: Dec 5th, 2018

Product & Sourcing Manager Alessandra Corbetta from Horizn Studios, which is one of our customers with long-term cooperation, came to visit our factory based in Shenzhen from Dec 3rd to Dec 5th, 2018.

Here Miss Alessandra Corbetta brought us a new project called Neon project, a new structure for front pocket of Luggage. This is a combination of transparent PVC and genuine leather. However, it seemed to be a matter of stitching turned out to be the temperature issue. Once the temperature went from high to low, the PVC was separated from the leather and bulged up. Simultaneously the leather became dented together. After several experiments within 12 hours, we made another sample the next day on 4th Dec. With the effort of our sample room, the second sample eventually passed the temperature test.

We are all happy to have this new project settled down like a dose of salts! This is just one case of quick-fix projects, and there are other services that our customers are extremely pleased with. These are why our customers would like to cooperate with us for over ten years and will proceed to collaborate with us in the future!

We were sharing the meal together.

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