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new bbc probe into headless body riddle; tv highlights 60-year-old murder mystery.

by:GF bags     2019-09-10
Signature: The Mystery of headless bodies found by Meg Milne in a remote part of Scotland will appear in a television documentary --
60 years after the murder.
A team from the BBC
Investigating this confusing case, Oman\'s torso and head were found on September 1938, 10 miles from the nearest Kane\'s Gram Road.
In order to get to the scene, the police were forced to trek on the mud-coal swamp and the moor for four hours.
They found the victim.
Thought to have been dead for six months.
Dressed in black, city
Stylish suit with smart polished shoes.
Next to the body was a gentleman\'s City cap and a leather bag.
Inside is a pair of pajamas, two hard white starched collars, a kit with a razor, a pair of scissors and some personal items.
But the deceased did not have any identification and, despite a nationwide call for relatives to come forward, no one confirmed his body.
Angus McKay, producer of the new BBC2 documentary, said: \"It\'s an amazing mystery.
\"How did a man dressed for the city die on a mountain far from civilization?
\"He is definitely not a hiker, and the items in his briefcase are something a man will carry with him when he stays overnight at the hotel.
\"But no one was reported missing from any hotel.
There are so many questions that have not been answered.
\"In the process of making the documentary, the BBC tracked down the retired police officers who participated in the case in 1938.
The project also includes reconstruction works and photos of police that were not previously visible.
At that time, the only document the detective found on the victim\'s body was a receipt in his pocket from Aberdeen bus company at Simpson Motor Company on Ross hatshaw Street.
The date was March 14, 1938, but no one reported missing in the area.
Extensive queries were made to see if the description of the deceased matches any other missing person files
But no luck.
Every hotel and guesthouse in the area has been checked but no guests have returned.
Police were confused about how the man was beheaded, but due to the lack of forensic investigative techniques at the time, they concluded that the head was taken from the body by wild animals, possibly by foxes
However, after months of investigation, they are still unable to determine how the man died, who he was, and where he came from, or how he greeted his death in the most remote part of England.
Mr. MacKay said: \"Why is there no ID card on the body, no wallet?
\"Why was he taken to Ben Avon for murder and his body left a place in his 1930 s, barely accessible?
This is a complete mystery.
\"The show will be broadcast by BBC2 on Thursday.
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