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new backpack & wallet ventures take on likes of wildcraft

by:GF bags     2019-09-24
Bangalore: Wildcraft is a fashion backpack and bag for a very successful Indian story.
Now, as they say, others are trying to open up space for themselves in market segments by \"focusing on details. \" Chennai-
The mailbox-based laptop bag has a small key lock clamp for Keys, an external pouch for subway smart cards and bus tickets, space for two hard drives, pen driver and bracket slot for wire and wire.
This important point has led startups to see a solid business since their establishment in September 2014.
Revenue exceeds Rs 25 per month, with customers including Uber, Park Hotels, Facebook and Datsun, a car company.
Zingaro, started the same year as the mailbox, was founded by Bengaluru-
Based on Akshay Nagaraj and Ganesh Bhatt, a fashion backpack with 35 unique features was made.
Zingaro\'s bag allows you to carry a normal laptop, iPad, files and electronics with a unique design with separate compartments for clean and dirty clothes, shoes, cosmetics and more
\"Separate Categories help to avoid spills of toiletries or dirty clean clothes with dirty clothes.
Can change the package according to your needs
Just like the shoe box is expandable, the slot of the water bottle is retractable and has a slip
\"In the bags of brochures, reading materials and books,\" Nagaraj said . \".
Zingaro\'s bag comes with a magnetic bag to make sure your headphones don\'t slide out and the elastic ring of the sunglasses doesn\'t slide out.
\"It also sets up a secret location for your passport, driving license and other valuable documents,\" Nagaraj said . \".
Zingaro has retail and corporate buyers.
A few months ago, it launched a campaign on the crowdfunding platform Fueladream.
Surprisingly, it received 451% more money than planned.
It raised nine rupees from 372 funders.
For those things that are lost, Chennai-
Bluetooth and RFID technology is deployed based on Cuir Ally to ensure that the technology can find your elusive wallet and mobile phone.
Cuir Ally Smart Voyager wallet starts beeping when it is lost and can be tracked using a phone, laptop or desktop-
This has driven the sale of wallets for RS 3,499.
Within a year, the company has grown from having 5,700 customers to having 22,000 customers.
Another smart feature of their wallet is the ability to find a smartphone even if the smartphone is in silent mode, or double-click the selfie.
\"We personally know that it is a nightmare to lose a mobile phone or wallet or lose it together.
Our driver\'s license, PAN card, bank debit card and credit card-
All our lives are in our wallets.
So this can prevent this loss, \"said TS Sathyaraj.
Founder of Cuir Ally, founded in December 2016.
For one of his clients, Ankit, his iPhone reminded him that taking his wallet once turned out to be a huge face --saver.
\"I\'m going on a date and imagine how embarrassing it would be to have no wallet,\" Ankit said . \".
The travel passport wallet of the mailbox is designed to avoid the most common disaster in overseas travel ---
Lost passport or boarding pass.
\"I have this problem myself,\" said Nikhil Joseph.
Founder of mailbox
\"I opened my wallet when I tried to take out my boarding pass and my cards, cash, coins all fell out.
Therefore, we have designed a separate slot wallet for your passport, driver\'s license, credit/debit card.
In addition, many people carry extra SIM cards (
Special offer)
In order not to generate huge mobile roaming charges when traveling overseas.
\"They found our wallet very convenient because we also have very small SIM card slots,\" Joseph said . \".
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