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Nationals ban backpacks at Nats Park

by:GF bags     2019-09-20
On Friday, National Park announced it would not be allowed to carry backpacks this season for security reasons.
According to the national revised bag policy, the policy will take effect in the team\'s performance against the Yankees on March 25, and there may be exceptions to fashion backpack diaper bags and backpacks used for ADA or medical reasons.
Wallet, briefcase, rope bag, diaper bag and soft bag
Use is still allowed if the side cooler is not greater than 16 inch long, 16 inch high, 8 inch wide.
\"The safety of our fans, staff and players in the National Park has always been a top priority,\" Scott fear, vice president of public safety and security for the team, said in a statement.
\"In order to make our stadium safe, we constantly evaluate our procedures.
We know that the implementation of these procedures will take some time for our fans to get used to, but our organization is committed to making the national park the safest environment that all those present may enjoy.
\"Friday\'s statement was not welcomed by many fans on social media, and some of them pointed out that the new policy will make it harder for them to go directly to the national competition after work.
In a telephone interview, fear joined the Nationals after retiring a few months ago. S.
Park Police said he looked at safety measures across Major League Baseball and other professional sports leagues before deciding to revise the team\'s package policy.
In 2017, St.
The Luiz Cardinals became one of the first MLB teams to ban backpacks.
\"We are trying to eliminate a bag that we think will make the stadium safer by banning the bag with the most compartments,\" said fear, who previously served as a resident security agent for nationals during his time in the United States. S. Park Police.
\"It\'s all about safety, the effectiveness of getting people in and making sure people are safe.
\"Fear says that the Nationals realize that many fans are playing games directly from their jobs by public transport and bring a bag with them to carry clothes and laptops, this is one of the reasons why the team will continue to allow other types of packages.
\"We want all of our fans to feel they can go to work and go straight to the stadium,\" he said . \".
\"Hopefully they can find the bag that will allow them to do that.
\"Over the years, Nationals introduced metal detectors as part of the safety inspection process before the 2015 season, and they had a more popular person --
Friendly package policy between teams in the area.
The Capital One Arena is home to the capital and wizards, and it prohibits the use of bags over 14 inch long, 14 inch high and 6 inch wide, which is suitable for most backpacks.
D. only transparent bags and small clutch wallets are allowed insideC.
Audi Stadium at Manchester United
The NFL launched a clear package policy last season.
The foreign food policy of nationals has not changed.
Food and soft food
Side coolers that still meet the size requirements are allowed.
The use of metal, plastic and glass containers is prohibited, except for transparent, factory
Sealed or empty plastic water bottles, juice boxes, insulin containers, and baby food that are not large in one liter.
Read more about the Nationals: Michael.
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