mystery as missing brit backpacker catherine shaw, 23, ‘caught on cctv wandering out of guatemala hotel with musical instrument at 2am’

by:GF bags     2019-09-24
A missing British backpacker was filmed on CCTV at a desperate search center, leaving Guatemala\'s ecology
Hotels with musical instruments show up.
Catherine Shaw\'s parents are 23-year-
The old man left the hotel suddenly at two o\'clock A. M. without telling her travel partner.
Police in Guatemala say they can\'t find a trace of 23 people missing. year-
Old British backpackers
On the night of the claim that she was missing, \"very sad.
In the Twitter video, Tarquin and mom Ann from oxkerwitney said: \"Your friends, your family are worried about you, dear, please go home.
\"Catherine\'s last appearance was in March 4, when he and a friend had been living in San Pedro, Lake Atilan, a Central American country.
Tonight, a spokesman for the hotel said that when Catherine left CCTV with a \"musical instrument\" around two o\'clock A. M. on March 5, CCTV had recorded her departure.
He added: \"We regret Catherine Shaw\'s disappearance and can confirm that she stayed at the Eco Hotel Mayachik with her friend Elena limlini on Sunday, March 3. 37pm.
\"Catherine left the hotel at 1: 00 on Tuesday, March 5.
To be exact, she carries an instrument.
\"This information was taken from our CCTV cameras.
He confirmed that her things had been left and added: \"Nothing was known about Catherine, and Elena returned to our hotel on Thursday afternoon to ask about her, catherine\'s belongings were handed over to her at that time.
\"We are very worried about Catherine and we hope to find her as soon as possible.
Catherine, blonde from Witney, Oxfordshire, has been traveling since last September, having previously been to Mexico and California, and reportedly disappeared in March 5.
Matthew Searle, chief executive of Lucie Blackman Trust, told The Sun that Catherine disappeared overnight.
He added: \"She lives in a camper car with a friend and when she wakes up in the morning he sends an alarm to see that she is not there.
All her stuff was left in the van.
\"A staff member at the hotel where Catherine stayed said the staff were still trying to figure out why she left alone early Tuesday morning.
She said: \"The camera shows that she and her friend Elena spent about an hour across from the bungalow, and then she played the instrument she left behind after Elena went to bed.
\"We had hoped that she would not leave the hotel at that time of the night, but everyone was asleep so there was no --
Someone knows she\'s gone.
\"The instrument she was playing was a hook up and the person who saw her holding it earlier described it as having a black box.
You can\'t see what Catherine is wearing on CCTV.
\"San Juan Laguna is very safe and quiet and at this stage we do not doubt what is wrong with Catherine.
\"We just thought she was lost somewhere and wanted to find her as soon as possible.
The worker added: \"Catherine shares a room with four or five other people.
She has checked in with Elena and my understanding is that Elena checked out on Tuesday morning.
\"We\'re not sure what happened two days before she came back to ask Catherine, and that\'s what we\'re trying to look.
We also don\'t know where she is now, but she is no longer in the hotel.
Asked if anything unpleasant had happened before the UK backpackers disappeared from the hotel, she said: \"We didn\'t notice anything.
Everything is normal.
Italian Elena tollini has been playing drums with her for a while, but she says her friend gave her stuff the days before she went missing.
She posted on Facebook: \"It\'s really sad to see that she doesn\'t have much power.
She has thrown away a lot in the past week.
\"There\'s nothing important.
Nothing stupid. Nothing.
Right now.
In a statement issued through a trust fund supporting the Shaw family, her parents said they had been \"very worried\" since she disappeared \".
They said: \"She has always been very good at keeping in touch with us and informing us of her whereabouts and activities.
\"So this is very unusual behavior that makes us very worried about her safety.
Please help us find her.
In a video, her mother urged her daughter to contact because they needed to know that she was happy and healthy, while her father called her \"slim figure \", about 5ft in height \".
Police in Guatemala were told Thursday that Catherine was missing.
According to local reports, the National Police of Guatemala went to Mayachik, where Catherine stayed, to confirm that her belongings were left in the room.
A search was then ordered along the coastline of Lake Atitlan and the hills around the village.
National alert system called Isabel by Central American countries-
A Claudina alert was immediately issued. As a 30-
Police said they had found no trace of 23-year-old Catherine, who was barefoot and left her cell phone and passport in the hotel room.
One of Catherine\'s worried friends, Paco guangouuli, posted on Facebook yesterday: \"Help!
Friends of Guatemala
My friend Catherine Shaw has been missing since last Monday in Lake Atilan, Guatemala.
\"She doesn\'t have a carry-on item, passport, money or a mobile phone.
\"If you know anyone in Guatemala right now, please share [Catherine\'s]photo. ”Paco -
His post was shared nearly 16,000 times on Facebook
She said she had \"blue eyes, a nose ring, perforated inside her upper lip and a double XX scar behind her neck.
Matthew Searle said: \"We urge anyone who may have any information, no matter how small the information is, to get in touch as soon as possible.
They can have the key to bring Catherine home.
He also stressed that \"the first few days are critical\" because those who may have seen something may still be in the area.
The trust says her family will travel to San Pedro this weekend for a search.
A Foreign Ministry spokesman said the ministry was supporting the family and officials \"kept in touch with local authorities while looking for her \".
Catherine\'s friend has also launched a social media fundraising appeal, raising more than £ 2,600 so far to support her sister Jennifer Shaw\'s search. \"If anyone has any contact in Guatemala to help find my sister, please, she has been missing since Monday.
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