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by:GF bags     2019-09-09
There may be chill in the air outside, but in Sydney\'s Carriageworks everything is about vintage maxi dresses, bikinis and soft hats.
Tonight\'s Myer Spring/Summer 2011/12 series also features a wealth of vibrant colors, navy stripes, platform high heels and farmers\' tops.
Myer ambassadors Jennifer Hawkins and Chris Smith took part in the fashion show and officially welcomed the labels of the new brands Sass & Bide, Fleur Wood and Jayson Brunsdon Black.
Jennifer Hawkins\'s \"Cozi\" is excellent, with models dressed in garlands showing gorgeous bikinis in colorful fruit salads.
Wayne Cooper and Leona Edmiston have also shown amazing works.
Pink dresses, tops and trousers are featured in the cooper Collection;
Beige silk suit and white/nude pants.
Edmiston chose a black dress with fingerless gloves and headscarves.
Judy Cuomo, general manager of fashion and accessories at Myer group, marked four themes in the collection.
The first is bold colors including orange, Emerald, red, purple, purple and gold.
\"We like to transition to summer with a strong color because it gives people a new sense of optimism and enthusiasm,\" Kumar told AAP before the show began.
\"You can wear them, or you can wear a pair of green shoes and a purple-red dress. . .
Or it may mean you are wearing a black dress, but you have a pair of red shoes.
\"You can put it together in a variety of ways, so it\'s still very wearable, but it gives you a lovely summer story.
\"The Myer series also includes Riviera-
Inspired by stripes and accessories, a subtle nautical theme is depicted.
This is definitely the case for men\'s wear. shorts are mid-range.
Cut your thighs and trousers with jackets and boat shoes.
Vintage, by contrast, is still popular with soft floral decorations, maxi dresses and big hats.
Coomber describes these works as \"simple-to-
\"Wear\" and say consumers will be brought back to their 70 s of \"The feeling of a national farmer\" embroidered cotton tops.
If what you want is attention, Sass & Bide has covered you with feathers, baffles
Style features and sequins.
For those who want to avoid bribery or like basic knowledge, there are also a lot of neutral creations that flow very high --
Waist skirts, casual pants and soft leather handbags.
As for other accessories, the grass bags and espadrilles were displayed that night (shoes), sky-
High platform, light load-
\"I think accessories are the most exciting part of the new season,\" Coomber said . \".
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