My Favourite Etsy Shops

by:GF bags     2019-09-17
I like shopping online best.
You can call it addiction.
This is a virtual market where you can buy something unique.
Works by sellers from all over the world.
I think it is the best choice to discover antique treasures and gorgeous handmade jewelry at excellent prices.
Here are some of the best stores I \'ve come across and some of the ones I value most from Etsy. Happy browsing!
TOKNMTL is an antique store based in Montreal, Canada. owned clothing.
With excellent fabric and good cut, the beauty is very low
Pieces that form the basis of their collection.
Expect a fitted pencil skirt, stylish oversized coat and shirt dress.
I rarely find a pair of jeans that fit my short legs, so I was surprised to find the perfect vintage faded black Levi\'s on TOKENMTL.
They are also cheap for $32!
Headquartered in South Carolina, the French fox wine has a range of very eclectic and unusual women\'s wines.
From stunning sequins 80 s shirts to fancy sweaters and gorgeous printed dresses, this shop has everything it takes to make a serious style statement.
As an extra bonus-shopkeepers Shope was very helpful and made shopping there a dream.
I couldn\'t believe my luck because I found this unreal sequin mini dress for New Year\'s Eve.
This fun little number is different from any vintage costume I \'ve ever seen and is the perfect party costume!
The librarian\'s daughter is one of my favorite people.
Visited the shops on Etsy.
I am attracted by the simple, good quality, adaptable products they sell and the clear way they shoot their inventory.
They always have something to catch my eye!
This vintage blue baseball T-shirt soon became one of my favorite items --
It\'s easy to wear jeans and super comfortable.
Nemres is an antique store based in Slovenia with a large selection-
Find antiques.
There are many offers from women\'s clothing to men\'s clothing, accessories and home clothes.
Definitely worth a visit!
I recently bought a stylish plaid skirt from Nemres, one of my favorite styles
Pair with oversized jumpers this winter.
This is the perfect condition, quality wool and beautiful red and gray prints.
The collection may be relatively small, but each piece has been carefully selected.
They focus on antiques in their 90 s from Paris, some of which have been reworked to give them a more modern appeal.
I really enjoyed everything they listed-at the moment I was drooling on black and white knit neck and perfect cream.
I bought this cute baby blue sweater for my sister at Christmas, and in real life it impressed me more than I thought.
This is a beautifully crafted, stylish, wearable product that is absolutely top notch. A real find!
If you are a fan of vintage watches, then in the Soviet era you will be browsing the options in heaven.
This Lithuania
The store-based was founded by an art historian who kindly restored the old Soviet watch from his 50 s to his 80 s.
Mechanical watches have an amazing selection that have been updated with high quality new leather straps.
Amazing customer service and clear photography add new content to the experience. Top marks!
I bought this simple and exquisite watch for my sister as her birthday present.
I hope to be back soon to buy myself a classic watch!
La Minuinette is an antique shop in Nice, France.
I am fascinated by vintage French clothing, so I often see what offers.
There are quality vintage jackets, chic dresses, quirky belts and accessories here, but their bag collection left me the most impressed and it was always great.
I bought a black leather Lancel backpack from the store and to be honest this is my favorite bag.
This is the perfect size and design to meet my needs and prevent me from carrying too much garbage.
It also arrived in perfect condition-hard to find in a vintageleather affordable handbags.
The store focuses on modern and rare women\'s vintage with a focus on stylish silhouettes, modern cuts and premium fabrics, as well as some great vintage designer pieces.
There\'s always a lot of stock going public, so check it out.
I \'ve been looking for the perfect LBD and I think I \'ve found it in this simple 80 s bodycon mini dress.
It\'s flattering and comfortable, top notch logo!
It\'s always fun to browse the excellent vintage collection of BOLOvintage.
I would say they are the best choice for truly unique party outfits, fashion forward coats and super outfitscool sweaters.
On my birthday last year, I wanted something shiny.
So decided to choose this very unique star print sequins mini dress.
Its foundation is a transparent fabric with black sequins and stars on it. So cute!
I bought several different rings from Mary John, a jewelry designer in North Carolina.
She focuses on fine stacked rings of pure gold, silver and diamond and gem fragments.
They are all very beautiful, well made and of very good quality.
This ring rarely leaves my hand.
I like the simplicity of it and the bright colors of the gems.
Violet\'s loft offers a selection of antiques from London.
I usually like every piece they list and it\'s always a pleasure to browse through their piece.
A good place to find one-of-a-
Beautiful knitwear, lovely party costumes and cool printed skirts.
I bought this sweater as a Christmas present for my sister, and I was impressed by the quality of the sweater and the careful and attractive way of packaging.
For cool junk clothes in their 90 s: for fashionable French clothes: for vintage cashmere Swedes, for the smallest, cheap jewelry, this is an outstanding ring of stunning vintage leather shoes and bagsFor\'s low-key, structured jewelry that offers incredible dresses and coats for rare vintage clothing and coats, provide reconstructed modern artwork vintage for sharp, minimalist vintage clothing
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