Must-see shopping destinations in New York City

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Chelsea Market
Picture: Joe BuglewiczSource: supply.
Designers believe that the Australian dollar may have passed its glorious period against the dollar (
At present, the RMB exchange rate against the Australian dollar has stabilized at about $92)
But there are still cheap deals across New York, especially on American brands.
Start your shopping spree in the 21 st century, in the heart of the financial district, now in the Upper West Side. The bargain-
Hunting can get messy here, but you will get a reward for designer handbags for less than $20;
Shoes Under $25;
The endless clothes rack is marked as almost nothing; and top-
Premium bedding for less than half price.
Similar shops worth a visit: TJ Maxx, DSW and Ross clothing are cheap. 2.
A day trip out of town to the average upscale store in Woodbury is worth buying sensational bargains in 220 stores, including coaches, Frette, Ralph Lauren and Nike, in this case, items are usually discounted up to 75 cents.
From the Port Authority Pier in Midtown Manhattan, buses run at least once an hour;
The trip takes about 90 minutes.
Consider buying one.
When you ship your loot back to the city there, price the Samsonite or Tumi suitcase. 3.
At the New York flea market, you can taste the cool and quirky items, and you will definitely take home the unique souvenirs of the big apples.
Sales of handmade and original products, as well as vintage clothing, records, books and brica-
Markets can be found in many communities in Manhattan and beyond.
Some of the best are Chelsea antique garages (weekends)
Green Flea in Upper West Side (Sundays)
Young designer market in Bleecker St (
Wednesday to Sunday). Chelsea Market
Photo source: Joe BuglewiczSource: Don\'t miss out on the Brooklyn Flea Market, which has thousands of antique furniture, antique clothing, art and jewelry suppliers of local design.
Food vendors in this market sell everything from organic cupcakes to meltedin-the-
Lobster roll in Maine.
If eating is a passion, stop at the Smorgasburg market in Brooklyn, a fashion outpost for some of the city\'s best chefs. 4.
Time your visit time your New York visit to match the city sales.
Black Friday after Thanksgiving is the best day.
Stores in the main walking area of Times Square and 34 streets opened as early as four o\'clock A. M. and there were special offers at the door, making overweight luggage seem like a small price.
Last year, Gap reduced every item in the store by 50, and Victoria\'s Secret was the bra from $5. 5.
New York Super Macy\'s has the largest department store in the world. Macy\'s 12-
Storey\'s flagship store on 34 th Street covers the entire Manhattan neighborhood, packed with plenty of retail treatment temptations to keep shoppers busy all day long.
During the renovation of this year\'s landmarks, everything was as usual.
International tourists can go to in-
The store concierge received a welcome international savings card, saving 10 cents in all Macy\'s stores across the country within 30 days of verification.
Choose your purchase if your bag is stuffed
Then order online: Macy\'s is now shipped to Australia. 6.
A village is often described as a village City with new things in the pockets of New York. The celeb-
The heavy West Village cobblestone streets and brown buildings feature trendy boutiques such as Mark Jacobs, Michael Coles and Venutas\'s aegypti.
On a sunny Saturday, SoHo is busier than central station and shoppers flock to Broadway and Sixth Avenue to find big names like Levi\'s, H & M, Prada and Bloomingdale, which are more difficult --to-
Search for popular items such as Uniqlo, Muji, Topshop and Desigual.
The whole world meets in Times Square, around the bustling front and back
Crowds of the theater flocked to the streets that were already packed with spectators, buskers and food trucks.
Shop in the big toys fight city store, Forever 21, M & MS World and one of the city\'s largest Sephora stores. 7.
Shopping at the World Museum of New York-
The famous museum is famous for its priceless works of art and standards.
Hold exhibitions, but do you know they are also home to some of the best shops in the city?
You\'ll find a variety of books about New York, jewelry, children\'s toys, quirky design items and cheerful knick --
Gadgets in the store can be accessed without paying for admission.
Buy elegant souvenirs and gifts at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, The New York City Museum and the New York Historical Society Museum. 8.
Many New York hotels make it easier for guests to maximize their shopping experience through innovative partnerships, guides and facilities.
Hotel in Walcott, budget-
In the friendly hotel near Macy\'s 34 th Street store, shopping suites provide accommodation, as well as the third room with shopping bags.
This month, Surrey, on the Upper East Side of New York, launched docent-
Lead the tour for those who want to get or just admire the local art gallery.
Guests at IHG New York Times Square can email the hotel concierge in advance with shopping tips, addresses, and information to help purchase products.
Can buy in advance
Order from the store and send to the hotel before the guest arrives.
Shopping in the Lower East Side.
Source: Supply 9.
Emerging hot spot adventurous shoppers are advised to hop on the subway and explore the outer area: from Brooklyn\'s Park Slope and cobbler Hill, to the Astoria of Queens and the re-popular Harlem boutique, there is a different rhythm and atmosphere compared to the fanatical buzz of Manhattan.
You will find fewer and fewer large chains. of-a-kind family-
From vintage comic books to custom leather shoes, all businesses are selling.
Follow in the footsteps of New Yorkers and go to the ubiquitous 99 Cents store to buy a lot of cheap souvenirs, as well as the occasional fab found in tat. 10.
Australian businesses if traveling makes you homesick for everything in Australia, you will effortlessly find a piece of land under the Big Apple. B-
A concept store and showroom Space in Space ita brings Australian brands including Volley, Mambo and Driza
Attract the attention of international customers.
Distress girls on sang st St store only one teaspoon and Australian brands such as Sass & Bide.
Melbourne success story Aesop now offers gorgeous products for skin, hair and body in six places in New York, including Bleecker St\'s flagship storeGo2 -
New York flies from Australia to Los Angeles and San Francisco every day to connect with New York.
There are thousands of options to stay there, but one option is the Hotel lighthouse located in the Upper West Side, a favorite for Australian travelers who love spacious rooms and fully equipped kitchenettes. MORE: See nycgo. com or newyork.
Com \"likes\" to run away. com.
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