Mulberry shows \'Where the Wild Things Are\' coats

by:GF bags     2019-08-27
They are big, black and furry, but these fashion monsters are more fashionable than scary ones.
Inspired by the monster in Morris Sendak\'s children\'s book where wildlife is, British luxury brand Mulberry sent a model wrapped in an oversized size, Sunday, at the fashion show in London fashion week, the pompous fur coat and gilets appeared.
Rustic colors, furry textures, and dark wood vibe (of the movie)
\"I think sang mulberry is a good fit, but there is a twist of magic and childlike interest,\" Hill told The Associated Press in an email . \".
Creative director Emma Hill says her inspiration comes from the film adaptation of Sendak\'s beloved book and Spike Jones --
With the start of the show, the funny tone is set in a few growls on the soundtrack.
Some cartoon animals even found their way on the model\'s printed sweater, and at some point the T-stand was invaded by a particularly messy dog dressed in Tiger clothes --striped canine-sized sweater.
Overall, however, Hill maintains something complex and wearable.
This includes a thin leather belt wrapped in a loose coat, made of black rabbit fur or brown sheepskin, with exaggerated fur decoration on the shoulders.
Under the thick layers of fur, wool and wool, the silhouette remains romantic and delicate: the ethereal silk and lace pajamas and pencil skirts cling to the body, emphasizing the movement of women.
One of the most striking dresses is the most tight tie --
Silk dyed in ink blue and dark red so the color looks like a tattoo on the skin.
While the fall/winter series is mainly made up of black and brown earth tones, Hill offers plenty of texture and color contrast in the Pearl Aztec
Inspired by a zigzag print, fluorescent orange pops up on several pieces of clothing and wedge shoes --boots.
Mulberry Silk is the best
Known for its grab
Leather handbags and accessories-
From the coarse flowers to the ostrich to the glittering snake print, all kinds of materials have been completed-
Of course, it\'s like the clothes on the T-stand on Sunday.
On Sunday, the brand launched a new bag design, named after the sensational singer Lana Del Rey, who took part in Sunday\'s London
Other celebrities in the front row include singer U. K.
Rapper Tina Tampa and New York socialite Olivia Palermo.
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