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Men's bag, this term is derived from the gender classification of suitcases and bags. Cases and bags with gender distinction and limited to male aesthetics are collectively referred to as men's bags. Men's bags are also one of men's accessories.

For most men, bag is not as colorful as a woman's handbag, but it's a collection of men's career ambition and potential ambition: a thick stack of documents and agreements that foretell their future opportunities and wealth. For women, they can chase after Gucci, Fendi and LouisVuitton at any cost, while men's identification with these brands becomes a symbol of their status and taste.

Men's bags usually have super capacity, men pay great attention to function, all items are arranged in this space in order to be able to perform well in the workplace. Men really enjoy having such a heavy weight, and there is no sense of encumbrance. Men's need for bags is the same as their need for clothes, with an emphasis on superior quality and modern design. Especially men's briefcase of white-collar man, always with quality of a material exquisite, well-made for bag standard.

When men choose a briefcase, they will generally choose more wear-resistant leather, just as the crocodile bag of Goth, or python leather bag, using rare and noble leather, its tenacity, durability and luxury quality is the main factor for men to choose. If you happen to look for best briefcase, Gaofeng bag company is the right fit.

  • In leisure time, men are also eager to have simple, lightweight bags, and the requirements for leisure bags and sports bags are no longer just to find a bag on the shoulder so simple, seemingly ordinary special canvas, waterproof and scratch-proof special fiber material, is the only and best choice for them to express their personality.

  • For those with exaggerated shapes, men's bags fully show the narcissistic inner world of men, who still expect different styles of bags to bring everyone fresh.

  • One more thing, men have always been conflicted. On the one hand, they want the designer of bag to be male, because they can grasp the timeless style, while on the other hand, they want the female designer to add smooth and rich fashion elements to the monotonous style.

  • The change of fashionable dress always is a unit with season, bag of key to deserve to act the role of experienced the evolution of style together with fashionable dress.

  • In the 1980s, men's bags were hand-held leatherette, unsealed, simple but practical;

  • In the 1990s, it gradually turned into a black handbag with zipper. The material can be divided into leather and artificial leather. However, black is the absolute mainstream in color.

  • Today, men's handbags, satchels, briefcase,gradually becomes rich, subtle changes in styling.

  • This season, fashionable dress master begins to emphasize visual collocation of bag, arrives from colour shape, pays attention to with wonderful deduction of fashionable dress of series.

  • As a result, luxury goods for men have become fashionable in this era, and men feel confident when carrying branded bags with logos.

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Design style of each brand is different, and concept of expression is also completely different. In men's eyes, the choice of a brand means the choice of a kind of lifestyle and attitude towards life.

Later, men become much more picky about color of bags. Rational intuition tells them that bags are closely related to color collocation of clothes, and they seek for changes in the unity.

Because reuse rate of bag of man bag is extremely high, because this needs a pack to match a variety of clothes, the brunet department such as black, gray, brown makes popular protagonist naturally.

Men carry bags in several different ways, either by hand, on their side, or simply tucked under their arms. Each pose has an indescribable smell, reflecting a man's maturity. A man who carries a beautiful bag is afraid to carry out in a bag is the ideal street companion of all men's bags.  Because it gives the impression that you don't have a back, strap, carry, clip or bag at all.

An uninformed passer-by might also think that you have bought an inappropriate bag and are on your way to a department store to return it. A man with a bag is both proud and unwilling to compromise himself. His advantage is that he doesn't take the trouble to do things.

  • Why a grown man carrying a sports bag in the street is because he still has a campus complex, otherwise, perhaps because he cares so much about his masculinity, he will not compromise with fashion, such a man is a bit stubborn. Men who carry these bags are mature and fashion-conscious but don't want to overdo it, so they carry them as far away from their bodies as possible, as if they don't know what they're doing around them.The further he takes it, the less he knows about its functionality, name, material, price and provenance.

  • Waist bag  is familiar to many men. But really, this workmate's costume was very practical. You could fit into it anything and everything, including two or three pounds of change and keys, and things you have to carry. A man with a bag like this is definitely a pragmatist.  A man with a side backpack is organized, tidy, purposeful, and, more importantly, doesn't care what others think of him, even if they call him a sissy. 


1. Divided by style: Mens'bag could be sorted into purses, handbags, shoulder bags, slanted backpacks, handbags.

2. Divided by function: Briefcase, computer bag, camera bag, medical bag, traveling bag.

3. Divided by material: Real leather bag, PU bag, PVC bag, canvas bag, Oxford cloth, cloth bag.

4. Divided by container: Pull bags, toolkits, suitcases, suitcases.

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More careful consideration, for men to be light, easy to carry and other different requirements in  purchase

Man bag is a modern carrying device in line with the principle of man-machine engineering. It organically combines items carried with the human body, and reasonably distributes the weight to the trunk (shoulder and back) with plump muscles and no large blood vessels and nerves, so as to minimize energy consumption, maximize mobility and minimize fatigue

1. Usage

There are many types of men's bags. According to bag purpose, there are briefcase, leisure bag, sports bag, key bag, wallet, computer bag and so on. Depending on how you carry it, there are shoulder bags, backpacks, cross-body bags and handbags, choose a bag that suits you according to your purpose and lifestyle.

Observe a man bag stand or fall mainly to see its structural design, material, work, volume and cost performance.

2. Material

It includes two aspects: fabric and parts. Fabrics usually should have abrasion - resistant, tear - proof, waterproof and other characteristics. More popular are Oxford nylon cloth, dacron staple canvas, leather and leather, etc.

Components include waist fasteners, all zippers, shoulder and chest fasteners, cover and body fasteners, external fasteners, etc. These ring fasteners are usually made of metal and nylon and should be carefully selected with your eye.

3. Do manual work

This method refers to suture quality of shoulder belt and inclusion body, among fabric, the cover and the inclusion body, etc., to ensure the necessary firmness of the suture, stitches should not be too large, too loose.

4. Bag volume

It's just the size of the bag. Bag purchase should be based on the content of the work often engaged in by the individual, from the actual need to decide the size of the package, the principle is better than small, big can pack dissatisfaction, small can not pack.

5. Price or performance ratio

Choose a package that meets your needs and is affordable according to your financial ability

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