meghan markle’s choice of belfast handbag carries a secret message of support to her future father-in-law

by:GF bags     2019-08-14
Megan Markle nodded especially to her future father. in-
When she came to Belfast on Friday, she chose her handbag.
Prince Harry\'s brideto-
While visiting the center of Eikon in Northern Ireland with a 33-year-old child, she was caught in a tan leather womens tote bags bagyear-old fiance.
Gorgeous Mulberry
Esque handbag by British independent designer Charlotte Elizabeth Jones
A young fashion lover, with the trust of Charles\'s charity Prince, has made a huge breakthrough.
Inspiring Charlotte founded her brand at the age of 21, and when she was paralyzed for a year by a mysterious illness, she was left in bed.
The girl in Harford County was very ill, and she could not move her feet or raise her hands, and could not even speak for a while.
Meghan, 36, chose a new version of Charlotte\'s signature Bloomsbury package for 175, which can be pre-ordered
Here, there are maroon, black and red.
The suit actress also wore the Victoria Beckham white jumper for her official engagement photo and the Green Tower Constantine dress.
Both of these things were off the shelf after Megan put on and sold out, but you can still grab her coat and shoes --
If you are fast and can afford it!
Charlotte left school at 16 after heart surgery.
And determined to build their own brand of handbags.
At the age of 19, she took part in a 4-
The Prince\'s Trust course to learn more about starting a business but crashed in two weeks --
She\'s paralyzed in a few seconds.
The doctor thought her mysterious illness was \"all people are thinking\" and Charlotte was upset because they didn\'t find a diagnosis.
But a few months later, she started working on her first design and brought her sketches to life with the help of her sister\'s designer boyfriend.
A year after Charlotte became ill, she was diagnosed with a posture-like atrial fibrillation syndrome.
An abnormal increase in heart rate occurs after standing or sitting up.
It usually causes dizziness, fainting and palpitations, and Charlotte is diagnosed with me as well.
After being diagnosed, the brave Charlotte was able to take the first step and soon launched her Bloomsbury bag.
The Prince\'s Trust continues to support her cause.
Charlotte is obviously happy for the bride. to-
Be\'s support, shared several photos of Megan with her bag on Instagram.
In more royal news, that\'s why Harry and Megan hold hands in public, while Kate Middleton and Prince William do not.
That\'s why the wedding invitation did not leave Megan\'s real name Rachel on it.
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