Meghan Markle’s Beloved Handbag Brand Just Restocked Her Exact Style at Nordstrom (and It’s Actually Affordable)

by:GF bags     2019-09-02
Since she became the Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle has a lot of brands eager to be put on by her --
Because every time she wears clothes, the clothes will be sold out immediately.
So whenever we can get what she\'s wearing (
Especially at our favorite retailer)
We sat up and noticed.
We are here to tell you that one of Megan\'s most popular handbag ellier handbag styles has just been restocked in Nordstrom!
On December, the British luxury handbag brand landed in Nordstrom and introduced a variety of styles, including mini Venetian leather oblique crossbody bagMeghan carried during a trip with Prince Harry in Cardiff, Wales.
After the first launch, her style was sold out.
But it was finally re-launched with five gorgeous shades. Buy It!
Mini Venice embossed leather messenger bag at DeMellier, $395; nordstrom.
It turned out to be a popular Duchess handbag style, as Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles\'s wife, carried the same bag.
Each DeMellier handbag is made of Italian leather, symbolizing the fusion of tradition and modernity.
The mission of the brand is to create the highest quality handbags, but in the non-
Duchess price range (i. e.
Less than $500, an amazing price for a high quality package).
More importantly, for each package purchased, DeMellier will fund a living --
Save vaccine and treatment for children in need.
So it\'s no wonder that many other celebrities like the brand, including Princess Beatrice, Beyoncé, Emily Blunt, and Pippa Middleton.
There are five different colors to choose from, and the odds of getting an exact Megan Markle work are good for you, but just like any other dress she wears, we are sure they
Especially since they are all so affordable in comparison.
Continue rolling to buy more duchess-
You can score at Nordstrom! Buy It!
Mini Copenhagen leather messenger bag, $395; nordstrom. comBuy It!
Oslo leather backpack, $455; nordstrom. comBuy It!
Leather backpack from Naples, $395; nordstrom.
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