mariola cudworth case: missing bags and phone sought by police

by:GF bags     2019-09-18
Police are looking for two handbags and a mobile phone for a woman whose body was found in Kent field.
Mariola Cudworth, 36, is known as Mijka, who disappeared from her home in Northbourne in April 28.
On Monday, her body was found in a field on Dover Road in Turkey.
Her husband was charged with murder.
Detectives tried to find a small black handbag, a black affordable handbags and a silver iPhone 6 and appealed.
About 6in black leather bag (15cm)
Long, with shoulder straps.
Kent Police say it has two zippers, one of which may have been broken.
The bigger bag is a black leather case.
Stylish bag with a zipper.
There are no protective covers for silver phones.
It has a password set, lock-
Police said pictures of the MS and her children were shown on the screen.
Insinsp Richard Vickery said: \"The information we received indicates that Mijka\'s property may have been discarded in the sea by the trading terminal.
\"Jonathan Cudworth, 34, who was charged with murder in a Kent deal, will appear in the Royal Court of Canterbury on November 2.
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