manager of Kapten and Son visited our factory

On September 12, 2019, Mr.Ricki, the manager of Kapten and Son, visited our factory to check our factory executives and inspect the production of their branded backpacks.

On the morning of the 12th, Mr. Ricki focusing and visited the inspection work of the third-party inspection agency hired by Kapten and Son, and signed the inspection sample, handed it to the third-party inspection agency staff as inspection standard for the pre-shipment inspection.

Then we discussed the current production order shipping plan and reached a consensus. At the same time, the customer visited our warehouse and shipping loading operations, and proposed improvement suggestions, asking us to reach aim of three 40-foot highs a day next year. We attach great importance to the suggestion of loading cabinets, and we are willing to add equipment that is convenient for operation. While ensuring the output is achieved, the shipping efficiency must also keep up.

In the afternoon, we made a rough plan for the next year’s plan, and improved the way we work in cooperation, saving some unnecessary trouble. Our factory will also expand the scale, increase professional workers and machinery, and add factory warehouses to meet the target plan of the company’s annual output of 500,000pcs backpack next year.

In the evening, the customers had dinner with our factory executives, and our cooperation and friendship were further sublimated at that wonderful night.

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