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Of course, men like to shop, but where is the real self and how to shop
A man who indulged himself?
Nowadays, custom fashion is a bastion of male vanity, and desi\'s main players are following the example of international fashion.
From the best silk wool suit, luxurious velvet dinner jacket decorated with mother of pearl buttons, hands
Classic English shirt, lace-
Patent leather up shoes, vintage Word War II Crown medal buckle-
Use a 24-woven finished tie
Carat Gold Line men\'s wear custom luxury clothing.
\"According to the lines of traditional menswear tailors in Savile Street, London, men\'s clothing is mainly customized.
The contemporary male species is
\"Travel, highly evolved consumers are vital to them for the brand\'s snobbish value,\" says designer Ashish Soni . \".
Designer David Abraham added, \"the custom men\'s clothing is about the slender silhouette and a more formal look.
Slim trousers, slim shirts, jackets with small shoulders and narrow lapels form a low-key elegance.
He said: \"The hunting tour also seems to be making a comeback.
Desi designers like Ashish Soni have also started offering custom wardrobe solutions.
Don\'t \"just the right accessories\", he stressed \". \"Must-
\"These products include imitation crocodile leather covers, premium leather laptop case, sports nylon affordable handbags and canvas messenger bag with leather decoration,\" he said . \".
According to fashion master Rag h u d ra Rathore, \"the army is a great source of inspiration.
A Lecha or cotton shirt with a lap on the shoulder will make you more refined.
Luxury is part of the upstart lifestyle.
This is about the Miami Classic Conference.
Mumbai boss Pradeep Hirani
Ayamik says attitudes towards shopping for men are changing.
\"Indian men are definitely more willing to try bold colors and premium styles today.
\"Uber sex male is a self because he is willing to enjoy a shopping trip
Brand of confession
Slaves also opened their doors to the world.
A group of heavyweight foreign brands satisfied his unwavering appetite.
\"Demand for luxury men\'s clothing is as strong as women\'s.
The 20-year-old Indian professional knows more about personal grooming and wants to dress appropriately in social circles, \"said Sheetal Mafatlal, who pioneered Valentino in India.
Jenia followed suit in 2007 to develop \"manufacturing-to-
Order part of susanpu.
Customers can order custom clothing in detail-
A weeks-long orientation process in the Swiss Alps!
The service range is between Rs 1,10, 000 and Rs 6,50, 000 for manufacturing-to-order piece.
Canali\'s Esperidi set is limited edition and there are only 80 pieces in the world. Paul Smith\'s customized experience gives the right to cut in a classical environment.
Tweeds in the UK, Italy and Scotland were customized by expert cutters, followed by two fittings installed in six weeks and eight weeks.
The range starts at 2,000.
Well, now you know how far you can go to perfect your fabric.
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