making a leather backpack - fjällräven style

by:GF bags     2019-09-23
I \'ve been wanting to make a fashion backpack for myself for a long time, and recently after working on leather, I thought it might be cool to make a backpack entirely with leather.
I don\'t have sewing machines that can handle leather work, so all sewing is done by hand with punching machines, mallets, sewing with needles and threads.
Although this is a big job, the design is very simple and will not be unbearable.
To get a better understanding of the work and the different steps, be sure to check the video!
I calculated based on the general size of the Fjallraven Kanken package that I have been using for a long time.
The basic design of the package is very simple-
One in front, one in the back, one on the side around.
Once I have the size ready, I cut everything off some pretty leather.
I chose the heavier 5-
6 oz leather but you can definitely use a lighter weight.
The other thing I decided to add was a small bag in the front, so I started making it, using the same concept on the side, here, I used a folded front and back.
All my main sewing uses saddle lines (
Except for the upcoming patches because I don\'t think they need the same intensity)
In order to give the package a very personalized feel, I decided to add the patches I collected over time.
The tricky thing about making packages like this is that you need to plan well, so for example, if you want to add patches, before you sew the pieces together, it is best to add those things that belong to the bottom of the bag immediately, otherwise you will not be able to reach them later.
To put a patch on, I drew the place I wanted on the leather and then punched in that shape.
Then I used the needle and thread to go through the leather and bag and sew a stitch around.
I want to add a bottle holder to the side of the bag.
This will connect to the long side block.
So I added a patch first and then sewed a patch that was enough to hold the bottle.
I also added a small strap to the bottom so the bottom doesn\'t fall off.
For the closure of the bag and bag, I decided to use the Sam Brown button that you screwed in from the back.
I just hole in, add buttons, and then hole in the flaps so they can be connected.
The first step in connecting the bag together is to stitch the bottom.
I found the middle and front of the bottom and side straps and arranged both.
I then put the front pieces at the top of the bottom piece while punching holes in the two pieces to make sure they continue to stay in line.
Then I sewed the bottom line.
Before sewing on both sides, I decided to sew the bag because it was easier to get to the bottom now.
I just sewed the bag to the back in a few places.
Next, I sew the two sides together, sew the front part together, and take special care around the folds in the corner, because these are difficult to do well.
I need to sew the belt buckle first before sewing the back piece.
The belt buckle is sewn in the back corner of the backpack, just add a small piece of leather, the same width as the backpack strap, fold around the button, and sew on the leather after the hole.
Once the belt buckle was sewn, I punched the hole, sewn at the back, and the back part overlapped on both sides.
I started with the sewing at the bottom and then I made the edges to make sure everything was arranged correctly.
Once the main bag was sewn together, I realized it was easy for the rain to come in from the side of the bag, so at this point I decided to sew some rain flaps.
I cut an oval.
Ish\'s shape, punch and unlock some stitches on the side so that I can sew in the flaps inside the layer to get a stronger connection.
As the closure of the package, I ended up using the Sam Browne button and the strap that came with it.
I just simply sew on the strap, punch holes for the button and put a few holes on the button.
For the straps of the fashion backpack, I put them on the back as a cross, first connected with double-sided tape and then punched and stitched.
The strap is then simply attached to the hardware at the bottom of the bag.
To get a better perspective, make sure to check out all the steps to make this package and the video of the results!
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