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Liz’s Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

by:GF bags     2019-09-09
Hello city-lovers!
Whether you call it Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon, blogger Liz Liden shows us the best of this Vietnamese center.
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Ho Chi Minh City is my city. The first place I took a foreign tourist to was Quan \'an Ngong to taste Vietnamese street food.
The owners gathered the best food vendors and placed them in the courtyard of the French colonial villa.
The restaurant was packed with locals. the-
Meet tourists every day and evening, the food is fresh and delicious, very cheap (
Try the lemon grass clams! ).
When I was craving banh mi, I always went to Banh Mi bistro to taste their delicious chicken French stick.
To escape
Stop the flow of motorcycles on the chaotic streets and I go to La Fenetre Soleil for ginger juice.
In the central busy corner, La Fenetre Soleil is a cool cafe with a retro French feel like floor, chandelier, high ceiling, littered with mats and mismatched furniture from huge French windows, watch the streets below.
If I want a cocktail in a trendy setting, I will go to the Q Bar or the Amber Room.
To be completely quiet, I can hide in the Hindu temple on the almost always deserted Ton on Sipu Street, decorated with brightly colored pattern tiles and feel like a real oasis of calm.
If you come to my city, take a picture of you by bike and driver.
If you have to order something from the Trung Nguyen coffee menu, it has to be a legend, the top beer of the famous Vietnamese coffee brand, made with the digestive enzymes of the local weasel, give it a super smooth taste. Ipa-nima is my one-
Stop buying colorful, whimsical great handbags using leather and various decorations.
Locals know to skip the tour, the expensive Ben Thanh Market, and switch to the Tan Dinh market for cheap local food, fabrics, fresh fruits and vegetables, and household items.
When I feel the cash
Tied together, I went to pack and roll a delicious, cheap, fresh Vietnamese snack, including my own spring roll.
For a huge splurge, I went to Cepage to taste wine and food in a stylish setting.
Photography in my city includes Dong Koy Street and Opera House, the best vantage point is the Saigon bar at the calauville hotel after dark, which can see the city lights and the streets below
If my city is a celebrity, it\'s Madonna. it has an interesting history, but it\'s constantly reshaping itself.
About my city, the most casual thing is that women wear pajamas and sometimes high heels when they go out and walk around.
I have the most babies in my city. loving men.
There\'s the smallest woman in my city.
In my city, the day of outdoor activities includes a walk in one of the parks, such as the site of Saigon Zoo, or shopping and eating on the sidewalk.
The best museum in my city is the Palace of unity.
My favorite jogging/walking route is to cross my local neighborhood on the way to the market and stop on the way to the Vietnam iced coffee.
Go to Vasco or cage for dancing nights.
Any noodle stall in Tan Ding market is a late placenight eats.
To find out what\'s going on in the evenings and weekends, visit OutinSaigon or check out the words or AsiaLIFE HCMC.
You can learn about my city from witnessing constant construction and change.
If someone learns to ride a motorcycle before walking, you can know if they are from my city.
In the spring, with the beginning of the rainy season, you should take out the plastic poncho.
In the summer, you should always go to any place where there is air.
Air conditioning, hot and unbearable.
In the fall, you should go for a walk during the day and eat in an outdoor restaurant --
It\'s not too hot, it\'s not too raining.
In the winter, you should head to Sapa in northern Vietnam and enjoy misty mountain views and a cozy fireplace at the Victoria Hotel.
A hidden gem of my city is the outdoor restaurant behind the mosque on Dongdu Street, a great home --
Curry and delicious fried chicken.
Enjoy a delicious breakfast at the Au Parc cafe.
Don â x80 x99 t miss. . .
Vietnamese new year)
During the festival of February, Nguyen Hue Avenue was transformed into a village with simulated bamboo bridges and colorful flower displays.
Just outside my city, you can visit the famous Cu Chi tunnel and learn about the history of war (
If you\'re not too claustrophobic, you can even crawl through one! ).
The best way to see my city is to take a metering taxi from time to time and walk around the area you are interested in.
If my city is a pet, it will be a busy and active puppy.
If I don\'t live in the city, I will live in a scenic mountain town with delicious food and coffee.
The best book about my city is quiet American.
When I think of my city, the song that comes to mind is the Hotel California, or any other naff tune that people like to sing at karaoke.
If you have kids, you won\'t want to miss a trip to any local market and have a visual feast and a friendly joke with the kids --loving locals.
It can only happen in my city where Ferrari and TiVo drive side by side.
My city should be on your cover or website as it is diverse, dynamic, entrepreneur
Improve and family some of the best food in the world!
For more information on Saigon, check out liz\'s blog for food, shopping, tours and life in Vietnam.
Photo: Kris_ B and cwgoodroe taken through Flickr and Liz Ledden.
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