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Lead found in women\'s accessories - Center for Environmental Health

by:GF bags     2019-08-30
According to the Environmental Health Center, dozens of women\'s products from major retailers in vinyl and faux leather contain high levels of lead.
The group found lead in handbags, wallets and wallets from supermarket chains asTarget, Macy\'s, Wal-Mart Bay area in the last six weeks of testing
Walmart, Kohl, Sears, JCPenney and Ross.
Leading brands include West Nine, Sheila Lin and Rossetti.
Of the 21 retailers visited by the Environmental Health Center, only 5 have safety products.
The group said the rest violated state standards for lead exposure under California\'s Proposition 65 Consumer Protection Act.
The group says some projects have lead levels 90 times higher than federal standards, which limit painto 600 ppm of lead.
Although lead was found in handbags of all colors, the group says lead is the most common in yellow, green and orange. --
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