Kipling Bags, Fashion of the New Generation

by:GF bags     2019-09-03
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Judging from the definition of fashion in our society and the outdated classification, Kipling bag is an interesting phenomenon.
Kipling is just one of the bag and wallet designers who have succeeded in changing the popular taste from genuine leather to nylon, fabric and plastic, and no longer makes these materials look cheap, like any girl after 80 will think of it.
Looking at the Kipling pack, mainly the latest series of 2009, such as G * rilla Girls, City and Rock Raven, we see that this is no longer the fashion of our mother.
If my mom and my grandma had to walk down the street in a bag that was not made of genuine leather, whether it was from cows or pigs, they would definitely faint, crocodiles or deer.
In addition to the collection, Kipling bags are classified as handbags, backpacks, travel bags and work bags according to the destination.
A special category is Kipling bag for 0-kids mom
At the age of 12, the new baby bag is extremely powerful and big enough for mothers to carry everything they need when taking their little ones to the park for a walk or a trip.
Baby bags are definitely the best way to organize and find all items quickly when needed.
It\'s important when you have a baby or toddler who can cry out loud and endlessly.
So while most of the Kipling bag series are made of other materials, there are three sets of leather bags: Thrill, vintage leather and Cathy Pill.
One of my favorites is Jutta, a big bag of vintage leather collection.
I like it mainly because of its shape and size, which makes it possible to hold A4 files.
Its two pen bags are very useful because they shorten the time it takes to find the pen in the wallet, and this operation can take a few seconds to half a lifetime.
The soft touch of Italian beef leather makes this Kipling bag Jutta an elegant wallet, despite its large size.
The removable shoulder strap is a useful accessory for this weekend bag.
However, for ladies who like the small size, there is also Charu, another bag from the same series, from the same high
Premium Leather, large zip pockets for all small items such as mobile phone, ipod, lipstick, napkins, credit card, keys, more keys, and even more keys, perfume bottle, tweezers, who knows what a lady can carry with her in her wallet.
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