Key employees go out to learn to improve execution

Gao Feng is an efficient and highly executed company and factory. We have never stopped learning to improve and change. On November 28, 2020, we convened all the key managers and employees to go out to participate in a course called: Improving Execution by Teacher Yang Gangdao. At that time, we listened carefully and actively participated in various small activities in the curriculum, and achieved excellent results and generous rewards. More importantly, we learned and understood the concept of execution more deeply, and the importance of execution skills, so we absorb what the course talks about morning meetings, cultural walls, happy donation boxes and other small measures, improving performance appraisal content, and so on.

After learning, each department actively promotes the content of the course, which improves the working atmosphere of the company’s factory and boosts morale. I believe that the summit will further enhance our own competitiveness. At the same time, we must always maintain a humble and upward learning heart.

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