kendall jenner\'s little black essentials

by:GF bags     2019-08-25
From \"reality\" to ttai, Kendall Jenner will move towards supermodel status next week.
Her favorite color is black, which is at the heart of her first big cosmetics event.
Estee Lauder\'s spokesperson likes black leather and likes to beat her dark eyes.
She prefers to wear pants than a small black dress, but she says she understands why the classic simplicity of LBD is an inspiration for the many new dresses of LBD
She applied a black primer here with mascara.
Little black dress: \"I rarely wear a dress, but I look for something special when I wear it.
Small black jacket: black leather jacket is a kind of clothing.
I just bought a new, black snake with relief. print. It\'s sick.
Little black boots: \"I used to be a knee-
High boots with high heels, but I prefer boots with ankles now.
My favorite is the short boots of Tabitha Simmons.
I\'m tall. I really don\'t need height.
Besides, I like to be comfortable.
Little black pants: \"I have a pair of black jeans with details of my favorite motorcycle.
I usually like a good high. rise, or a mid-rise jean.
I also like black leather pants.
I just found the line for Cushnie and Ochs.
Their black leather pants are great because they are very long cut.
Little black eyeliner: \"It\'s really bad for me to apply eyeliner!
But I like the kajal liner you can wear and apply.
My eye makeup is a bit obsessive-compulsive, so I try to make it look perfect even if it looks messy.
Little black bag: \"I have a big black bag that is perfect for traveling because you can put everything in it.
But I wear the black Celine mini handbag every day.
I have two more.
Naked and red-
But the black one is easy: you grab it and go.
Little black sunglasses: \"My favorite sunglasses are a pair of sunglasses from a black pilot, and I have a square black pair that goes with everything.
\"Let Kendall see here.
• The innovation of Estee Lauder, more
Dispensing small black primer is a light tone that can be worn separately, under mascara or as water
Top-resistant coating.
Starting Monday, there are $50 on the counter. -
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