italian leather and hand-crafted interiors: bentley\'s new bags

by:GF bags     2019-08-22
Let\'s play a little game.
Let\'s pretend that the ultimate luxury brand is starting to get into new categories and imagine what the result will be.
For example, if George Armani made a yacht, you would imagine the stylish Armani of Italy --
All of all . . . . . . Oh, wait, that\'s true.
What if there\'s a hotel in Fendi?
Oh, these actually exist.
What if Prada has a cafe? Check -
Keep an eye out for the delightful Marchesi cafes around Milan as they have Prada green walls, just like the branded stores.
In fact, the mansion that shows muscle in different directions has a long history and many are very successful.
Next is a collection of handbags described as \"stylish and reliable\" with \"obvious lines\" and \"long and low body \".
Not the usual description, however, Bentley handbags will never be the same as usual.
Typical British high schoolend car-
Established in north London in 1919, Maker has launched a new range of classic leather accessories, reflecting the company\'s iconic leather craftsmanship and the ability to make the best coachman in the world.
It does make sense if you think about it.
Walter Owen Bentley, who founded the company, began producing fast cars different from the small Italian numbers that led the car at the time.
In nearly a century of business, each model is designed around the \"power line\"-the line around the front wheel.
That\'s why, while I\'m not petrolhead, I still know a Bentley when I see it: huge headlights like bright big eyes, matrix grilles, the iconic flying \"B\" logo, huge wheels.
Don\'t let me start from the inside: can\'t see the plastic spots;
Craftsmen and designers use soft special leather, handmade
Finished wood veneers and carpets so thick that you want to take off your shoes and sink into them.
Not to mention, the coachman and interior are still completely handmade Crewe.
The world of luxury leather accessories is no stranger to this craftsmanship and level of care.
Traditional brands have long boasted
The design of the stitching and the best quality of the leather from sustainable sources, but the new Bentley bag has some noticeable low profile.
Based on the Bentley Continental GT model, it is called \"auto Pio bella del Mundo \"(
The most beautiful car in the world)
The five new bags whispered softly instead of shouting in 2003. The palladium-
The plated metal products are subtle, never OTT, soft lines.
Bentley is made in Italy, not Crewe, and he chose where the handbag specialist is-a very smart move.
I can imagine the bags on the arms of women who care more about quality and heritage than the logo-the winged \"B\" is there, but can be completely disassembled-more about practicality
The Diana B model has three compartments and the Mary P handbag contains a hidden mirror).
The bag liner is also in full leather and some are quilting to reflect the matrix grille of the car, each with plum, gray or black leather.
So stop imagining, get those engines up and get ready.
1,550-Mary P & Diana B handbag£2,750,www.
Bentley collection.
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