\"it\'s like on tv\" - rookie macron lawmaker makes debut in french parliament

by:GF bags     2019-09-11
PARIS (Reuters)-
On Tuesday, a young tech entrepreneur became the first among the army of rookie lawmakers loyal to President Emmanuel Macron to enter parliament as he walked through the grand gates
\"It\'s like it\'s on TV, though it does look a little small,\" 43-year-
Old Sylvain Melard, one of the four members of parliament elected in the first round, told reporters while admiring the marble hall that he had seized a slender leather briefcase.
Inside is a map of Parliament detailing the location of the bar and the opening hours of the hairdresser, the colorful belt of the French tricolor and a copy of the country\'s constitution.
Will not be the only new guy in 577.
Seat of National Assembly
Macron reiterated that the promise of French politics is based on the promise that half of his candidates will be political novices, and it is rare in a country where a political career usually spans decades.
This year\'s poll Project
The Old Republic will win an overwhelming majority in the mobile party, perhaps in the three quarters of the House of Commons.
\"It will take a little bit of time to get used to it,\" Melard said . \" He has served as a city councillor for the Paris area since 2014.
He added that he hopes to rely on the experience of the party\'s experienced veterans.
Speaking about the few veterans expected from their team, Ballard said: \"They will help us like a brother . \".
Officials in Macron\'s Republic (LREM)
Acknowledging that maintaining discipline control in a party with so many novices will pose challenges and planning a training seminar before the opening of Parliament on June 27.
\"It\'s like vocational training,\" said Ballard . \".
He said he will continue to work one day a week for the electronic components distribution company he works
Target turnover of 25 million euros ($28. 01 million).
\"It will keep me grounded, continue to pay staff salaries, do payslips, it\'s important to be informed by the client that when the council staff signed the administrative form with him, he said.
While the past parliament has traditionally consisted mainly of professional politicians, lawyers and doctors, Macron\'s candidates include business people, engineers, and even a former matador, who will be in June 18. offs.
His party rejected the advice of the opponents, who would be inexperienced and said they were the representative of French society.
\"It\'s not just numbers (
LREM legislators)
But have the right expertise, \"said Millard.
\"We don\'t have a blank check (from voters)
We are here to continue our work. ” ($1 = 0. 8925 euros)
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