isis beach massacre in florida is thwarted: key west man \'planned to bury backpack bomb at popular spot on july 4 and detonate it with a cell phone\'

by:GF bags     2019-09-24
A Florida man has been arrested for planning to use weapons of mass destruction on Key West beach.
The Justice Department said 23-year-old Harlem Suarez was arrested in Key West and appeared in court on Tuesday after he held an inert \"fashion backpack bomb\" on Monday \".
The FBI has been following Suarez since April. Previously, Facebook posted a series of posts praising the Islamic State, the terrorist group in the Middle East ).
Become a warrior, learn how to cut down the enemy\'s head, then burn the body and learn how to become the new future of the world\'s caliphate, he is said to have said in a report titled Almac Benitez.
Scroll down to view the video Facebook account, which was tracked to Suarez, posted the ISIS beheading video, and was also shown instructions asking how to make a bomb.
Suarez, a restaurant worker who has never really built a bomb, received an inert device from an FBI informant after supplying him with galvanized nails to make explosives. \'If one day. . . I have a day off. . .
I can go to the beach at night, put things in the sand and cover it up, so I\'ll call you the next day and things will get better, allegedly, Suarez told the informant, this is a real noise from anywhere.
The FBI informant also helped the suspect make an ISIS recruitment video at a hotel and said Suarez had ordered two AK-
There are 47 rifles online, ready to be picked up at a local pawnshop.
A complaint against Suarez said he also expressed interest in traveling to the ISIS stronghold of Syria.
The two discussed possible attacks at a party in Marathon, Florida or Miami Beach on July 4.
It is said that the gun was purchased legally and it was returned to the seller due to a clerical error.
He came from a very good, hard-working
Working families who came here from Cuba in 2004 for their desire for freedom.
His temporary lawyer, Richard de la Feira, told The Associated Press that they love the country by raising their son.
Dela Fira said that his client recently lived with his parents and that he may be a young man in distress and confusion, but he is certainly not a terrorist.
According to CBS Miami, he attended Key West High School but did not graduate.
The next hearing in Suarez will take place on Monday, when Bond will be confirmed.
Attempts to use weapons of mass destruction against individuals or property will be punishable by life imprisonment.
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