Iris & Ink launch accessories line

by:GF bags     2019-09-14
The autumn/winter 2013 leather accessories range includes key staples such as envelope shoulder bags, oversized clutch, color block shoppers, bowling handbags, and flat electric heads.
Inspired by its home city of London, the collection is named after the city\'s iconic fashion hotspots, such as Hoxton clutch, Chelsea bag and Notting Hill tote. The custom-
Dyed leather products feature soft gray, deep blue and black, all of which evoke the city\'s landscape.
The Iris & Ink leather accessories range is available only from Outnet.
Prices range from 57 euros to 34 euros.
Leather for noose Hill, 27 euro.
55 crocodile effect in Bloomsbury
Paneled leather womens tote bags bag for € 338. 25Chelsea croc-
Effect leather backpack, worth 90 euros.
The Hoxton calf hair and leather folding clutch are 65 euro. 50
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