insight - missing red diary at heart of italy\'s dark history

by:GF bags     2019-09-10
Palermo, Sicily (Reuters)-
-More than 20 years later
Mafia hero Paul posselino was killed by a huge bomb and his missing diary remains at the heart of one of Italy\'s most mysterious and enduring mysteries.
Borsellino always keeps the red police diary by his side, even in bed, and on May 1992 another powerful bomb killed his friend and judge Giovanni Falco 57 days before his death at the age of 52.
The two men are Italy\'s biggest modern heroes and often see photos of them together on posters on city streets.
Now, the contents of the red diary are at the center of a trial accusing the state and the mafia of reaching a dark agreement, said borsellino\'s brother, the agreement tarnished Italy\'s \"Second Republic\" when it was born.
Borsellino does not even allow his family to read the diary, for fear that it will put them in danger in one of the bloodiest times in the history of Sicily\'s criminal society.
His brother and Palermo prosecutor believe Borsellino was murdered because he found secret negotiations between the state and the mafia boss of the boss Salvatore \"Beast\" Riina, which is Koro
They said the purpose of the negotiations was to stop the Mafia from attacking national targets by agreeing to more lenient treatment and lighter sentences against imprisoned gangsters.
Some of the Mafia\'s alleged demands have been met since 1993, including the closure of the desolate pinosa and asnara island prisons serving many mobs, although there is no proof of any connection.
Now 10 defendants, including former interior minister Nicolas Mancino, three former paramilitary senior officers and four Mafia members, including Rena, since his 1993 arrest, he has been on trial in Palermo and faces allegations of alleged negotiations.
Mancino strongly denied the allegations of false testimony, with former general Carabiniere Mario Murray and other police denying involvement in the negotiations.
Nearly 200 witnesses will appear in court to testify, including current President George Napolitano, a case that prosecutors say will take several years.
After Borsellino\'s death, Cosa Nostra made an unprecedented mainland attack on cultural and church targets, including the Florentine Uffizi Gallery, in 1993, increasing pressure.
Ten people were killed in Rome, Milan and Florence.
The attack suddenly stopped.
Prosecutors and Borsellino\'s brother, Salvatore, said it was because Italian officials agreed to an agreement.
The written list requested by Riina is part of the evidence of the Palermo trial, although he said the negotiations were initiated by state officials.
The 71-year-old Salvatore Borsellino has been campaigning for the truth of his brother\'s death for the past 20 years.
He said the negotiations with the Mafia were so-
Known as the Second Republic since 1992.
\"Without the truth, it is impossible to understand the situation in our country over the past 20 years.
Without the truth, you will not be able to wash away the original sins of this republic, which is based on the blood of these killings, \"he said in an interview with Reuters.
Palermo magistrate indicted Vitorio Terris, deputy head of so-called Mafia-
The national trial also highlighted the enduring importance of the case to modern Italy.
\"For a democratic country, these are the most obvious, serious and overwhelming events, and it is in the interest of the country to find the truth of what happened, he told Reuters in his office, it was once used by Borsellino in Palermo\'s Palace of Justice.
\"When the negotiations reached a critical moment, KOSA Nostra responded with explosives and the massacre, so it was not actually negotiations, it was extortion.
This effect is contrary to the intention of the state.
Another Sicilian judge, who declined to be named, said the trial was crucial to Italy\'s future as it could break the tradition of cooperation between the 19th-century mafia and politicians.
\"After so many things have happened in Italy, the moment has come when you have to decide which side you are on.
For a long time, people in Italy have an ambiguous attitude.
They think it is possible for both sides.
Teresi and other prosecutors in Palermo have been repeatedly threatened with death, forcing their security escorts to increase, and have indicated that even after 20 years, these incidents remain of dangerous relevance.
\"The more threats we have, the more we believe that we have touched vital nerves and that we are on the right path,\" Teresi said . \".
Salvatore Borsellino and prosecutors believe that Paolo recorded his findings in his diary and was killed in condemning the connection between the bloody gangsters and the authorities.
Paul\'s wife and children said that on July 19, when he went to the apartment in Palermo Via D\'Amelio to visit his sick mother, he put the diary in his brown leather briefcase.
When he rang the bell, a car bomb killed him and four of his policemen and a policewoman, leaving the streets like war zones.
\"My mother heard the bell and then heard the explosion that took her son away,\" Salvatore told Reuters . \".
The Mafia bugged her phone so they knew when Paul would come.
More than a decade later, a photo was revealed showing a Carabiniere officer leaving Borsellino\'s car after the explosion with his briefcase.
It was later found on the seat of the car, but the diary was not in it.
Salvatore believes secret agents from the Italian secret service have been involved in the bombing and have been using diaries to extort senior officials since then.
Earlier this year, Riina also told prison officials that in the past, secret agencies in Italy were often accused of participating in the left-and-right movement.
Terrorists are involved and involved through Amerio.
In 2007, Salvatore founded the red diary movement \".
There are now organizations with 8,000 members.
Every year, it is displayed on the anniversary of the explosion on the spot, marked by an olive tree with a tribute hanging.
Falcone and Borsellino were killed and the Italian mainland was attacked, while Italian political institutions were torn apart by the \"Bribesville\" scandal, which eventually swept the Christian Democrats who ruled the post-war \"First Republic, paved the way for media mogul Silvio Berlusconi to start long-running politics.
Falconet was killed by such a powerful bomb, his wife and three police officers were also killed, shocking Italy when parliament elected a new head of state.
Anger has undermined the chances of the late Christian Democratic politician and seven times the prime minister accused of being associated with the Mafia, Julio Andreotti.
Palermo prosecutors say mob intimidation began long before the death of Falconet, when andriotti was murdered in Sicily and former Palermo mayor Salvo Lima.
Lima is said to have been killed because he and Andreotti failed to help the Mafia win an appeal against the landmark \"Maxi Trial\", which convicted 360 thugs in 1987.
Falconet was the designer of the experiment.
\"This is a warning to politicians who cannot keep their promises,\" Teresi said . \".
Doubts about mafia negotiations have been blurred until four years ago, long-son Massimo Ciancimino
City officials of Palermo and convicted mafioso Vito were arrested for cleaning the property of his late father\'s disappearance.
Ciancimino told investigators that he was a messenger between his father, the Mafia and the senior police officer, among whom the mob offered to stop the attack in exchange for concessions.
Several other informants, including the killer who detonated the bomb that killed Falconet, also said negotiations were under way.
In 2012, a court in Florence tried 15 mafia gangsters in connection with the Uffizi Gallery bombing, which said government officials must have started negotiations.
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