In defence of the humble Australian snake

by:GF bags     2019-09-07
Look at the moment the snake catcher finally caught an East brown snake three days later.
Courtesy: snake hunting 24/7-
The Sunshine Coast was captured by the story of the brown snake reaction near Atherton High Plains Malanda.
Source: As I write this, the snake panic is like a python winding across the country on a carpet.
The news just revealed that the Brisbane Snake Catcher advised Australians to leave their pet cats indoors and share a delightful photo of a python eating a family in the city\'s suburban WishartMee-ouch.
It grabs and eats a giant carpet python after a beloved home cat.
Image source: Snake catcher/FacebookSource in Brisbane: Admittedly, this is a pretty big sight.
But it shouldn\'t let us see the truth: snakes are beautiful, interesting, and basically peaceful creatures.
They just wanted to stay alone, not wrap around Britney\'s neck while she was rocking (
By the way, the man is still alive.
MTV found it in an amazing investigative news).
Popular culture, history of storytelling and irresistible news articles (
A bbc reporter once told me that \"small animals will be clicked \")
Demonize all the snakes.
But I\'m here to convince you of the impossible: The snake is amazing.
It\'s a tough task because those bad stories are still going on.
The Brisbane family found a snake bathing in the toilet on the weekend.
It\'s enough to scare you into your own toilet, and then beat your fear purpose in the first place.
A carpet python soaked in a toilet in the winnham family.
Source: Australian News Corporation. As you can imagine, the winnham family is not excited.
Source: Australian News Corporation. Another Brisbane woman found a snake in her toaster.
But we also have to tell other stories about snakes to get the full picture and to make the Australian reptiles you are sorry for the eye feel some intuitive sympathy.
Earlier this month, the story of a Brisbane snake went viral online, with 511 ticks on it.
The face of the poor Python was covered by parasites.
This snake is called Nike (
Because of the Nike logo --
Need it snake skin if you don\'t get it).
Look at the picture of poor old Nike.
He looks like he slipped through a small pebble trap covered with strong glue.
Poor old Nike, some of his 500 ticks.
Picture: The story of Tony Harrison/AAPSource: AAPThe tick is not even unique --
According to The Courier, this happened to another snake on 2014.
Mail due to rising temperatures. Poor, tick-
Snake covered.
At the end of last year, there was a story in which dozens of angular sugarcane toads tried to mate with a python in Washington state.
When the poor snakes are not attacked by the ticks worm and are not hunted by humans to get their handbags, they are sexually assaulted by the sugar cane toad.
However, for a long time, snakes have been demonized as dangerous things to human beings --
Sometimes it even becomes a human predator. Snakes —
Always trying to intimidate people.
Image: Reptile Rescue Company Source: News Corp. Australia News Corporation (News Corp. alimaliasnakes) has a very different temperament from sharks or crocodiles in large part, both animals
In fact, snakes rarely chase humans unless they feel threatened.
Doing so requires a feeling of confrontation, and even then it may not be pursued at all.
The Reptile Magazine cited the number one myth in an article to eliminate the top myth about snakes: Angry snakes chase people too close.
It used a gorgeous and awkward office.
Corridor dance scene analogy.
\"Like the frightened, the snake also has a sudden and powerful escape motivation and has chosen the fastest escape route.
Sometimes, the escape route between humans and reptiles is the same.
Each zigs or zag in unison gives the illusion that a snake glides or darts chase the person.
Similar phenomena occur every day in tense office corridors around the world.
\"Australians are more likely to be killed by horses, cattle and bees than snakes.
In Australia, you are as likely to be killed by a dog as by a snake --
But they\'re all furry.
So we lost our minds on these.
In Australia, many people simply don\'t believe that dogs kill as many people as snakes. But they do.
Skin shedding is also a sharp metaphor: removing parasites and promoting growth.
A lesson in life.
If we stop our irrational fear of them
There are some qualified, respectful fears)
Spend more time understanding them and we can learn a lot from the snake body.
If they are good enough for our handbags, wallets and pants, good enough for our rainforest floors, for our beaches --
Even our toilet.
Respect the reptiles, pay tribute to the snakes, and let\'s end the hissing of human beings towards these intricate, infinitely fascinating proportions.
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