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Hugo Guinness for Coach at Arnotts

by:GF bags     2019-08-23
Featuring some key designs, the collection features signature from Brooklyn
British artist.
Guinness\'s signature style shines brightly, and the artist is known for his usual black and white illustrations and felt prints, and moves this aesthetic to luxurious Coach wallets, key chains, skins to give a few examples.
He transformed every aspect of his daily life into his printed works of art, a series concentrated in his daily life.
A boxer, a New York cup of coffee and a pair of handcuffs.
Hugo said, \"I was inspired by what I saw around the city and the countryside: What I saw in the photos was ignored, perhaps unusual, the everyday life we tend to ignore.
This is what I like: honesty, simplicity and humor.
\"Each design is a celebration of sincerity, whimsy and artistry, and Hugo\'s sparse and direct aesthetics perfectly complements the honest simplicity of the classic Coach bag.
Hugo Guinness of the coach series is now available at the coach men\'s boutique at the bottom of the kidts.
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