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How to wear the shirt dress

by:GF bags     2019-08-19
Its men\'s collar, buckle-
The front and streamlined cut of the shirt dress may be the answer to all of your clothing dilemmas.
Sharp and stylish from neck to knee, this dress is rare in a summer dress: it\'s a lot of women at all, and it\'s easy --to-
Wear clothes equivalent to a pair of jeans.
In short, this is the dress of a woman who usually doesn\'t like the dress: it\'s a dress that even lures the tomboy to take off his pants.
Classic men\'s buttons-
The decline has evolved into a spring trend.
Go find a woman.
Why: It\'s straightbut-not-
The tight shape can make all the body and body more full.
Work alone in jeans or leggings (open or closed)
On weekends, as a coat on the beach, even a light jacket.
Look for one in a soft fabric so that when you fasten your belt, you can gently dress it in a shirt to make your figure look fuller.
The pocket on the chest is a good idea and the long sleeve is also a good idea where you can roll to the most flattering length.
Keep the accessories simple with a statement necklace or bold cuffs.
The key to wearing this trend is to keep its definition at the waist and control the volume so it won\'t be too overwhelming.
The best length is at the knee.
Anything short can create a look that is too big and bulky. A 1950s retro-
With a long dress, this shirt provides you with a comfortable breathing space.
You can show some of the skin on the top by undoing a few buttons as you won\'t show a lot of legs on your knees.
Don\'t be afraid to customize a shirt.
Make sure it fits the hips and chest.
Try a color like rustic yellow, black or navy and you will have this color for a long time as it is always stylish.
Tan Belt, small satchel bag, hunting style of sandals and straw hat.
Tight trousers with slim belts and ballet flats.
Come with a short jacket, a metal strap, short boots and a shiny womens tote bags bag.
Jacket with suit, belt and peeptoe pumps.
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