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how to select a backpacking water purifier

by:GF bags     2019-09-21
While hiking, hikers find it more practical to carry a fashion backpack water purifier than to carry extra water.
Hikers use water filters to extract drinking water from any source of water.
This allowed him to bring enough water to the next source.
There are many water purifiers on the market, and choosing one is the problem of narrowing the selection range.
Description difficulty: it is moderately easy to decide between the filter of your pump and the gravity filter.
The filters you pump require more pre-work, but they can be supplied immediately and can be pumped into any tank. Gravity-
Style filters produce more water with less work, but you have to wait for water.
Look at different brands.
Katadyn and MSR are the two main brands.
Consider the electronic purifier.
If you are not interested in a pump or gravity filter, SteriPEN will make a filter that uses UV-purified water.
Choose a ceramic or paper filter.
The pump is faster, which means you can get the water in less time.
You can easily clean the ceramic filter, which means your filter lasts longer.
As long as you replace or clean the filter when it gets dirty, both are reliable.
Determines whether a filter for a fully maintainable field is required.
You can fix any problems with filters that are completely maintainable fields, but they are heavier than filters that are not maintained.
Choose a pump filter based on the number of people you get together.
Smaller filters are lighter, but larger filters pump more quickly and their components last longer--
If there are a lot of people at your party, you will want the latter; if there are only a few people in your hiking group, you will want the former.
Select the gravity filter you hang or the gravity filter connected to the hydration system.
One you only use gravity suspension filter--
A large number can be filtered at the same time.
When you drink water from the hose, the water you splice into the hydration system will only filter out.
Decide how big bag you need.
One person, one pair
The Quart system can quickly filter the water and carry it lighter.
For large groups, consider a larger gallon
Before you have to refill the filter, resize the system to filter more water.
Consider a water bottle that works on a gravity system.
Each hiker has his own luggage and the bottle filters the water when hikers drink.
Bryan HanselBryan Hansel, a freelance photographer and kayak guide, started writing in 1993.
His outdoor articles appear on various websites.
Hansel holds a bachelor\'s degree in English and religious literature from the University of Iowa.
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