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how to pack a hiking backpack

by:GF bags     2019-09-21
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Without bulky backpacks, hiking is hard enough.
Organize and pack your hiking backpack to make your hiking a difference
It will make it fun and easyor painful.
Whether you\'re planning a week out or a day out, this article will help you pack your hiking backpack.
To pack your hiking backpack, you need to set up a staging ground.
Collect all items you plan to pack (
Clothes, hats, food, first aid kits, etc)
Put them on the ground.
Separate by size, a bunch of heavier items, and a bunch of lighter items.
This will be a huge help when you go pack your hiking backpack.
Place food and water on the bottom and start packing your hiking backpack (
Unless you have something heavier).
Placing the heaviest item at the bottom will distribute the weight more evenly.
If you don\'t put the heaviest things on the bottom of your backpack, you will feel heavy and it will be difficult to walk and keep balance.
Tightly wrap all items at the bottom of the backpack using all available space.
This is the most difficult part of packing a hiking backpack.
Next, you will want to pack the extra hiking items.
Tents, tarps and first aid kits are included (
Although these are necessary.
In general, these items are heavier, so they should be placed at the bottom of the backpack.
Place your sleeping bag and clothes on top of your hiking backpack.
Some guides showing how to pack a hiking backpack might suggest putting a sleeping bag at the bottom of the backpack --
This is not a good idea.
This will place something light and fluffy at the bottom of your backpack and force you to place heavier items on top.
Your clothes are usually flexible and a great choice for the top of the package as they fill all the blank spaces on the side of the package.
When you pack your hiking backpack, remember to put a compass, water bottle and anything else you may need to come into contact with frequently in your side bag.
It\'s always a good idea to put a water bottle in the outside pocket.
Avoid missing small accessories (
Small folding knife, compass, map, etc)
Put those in the outside pockets so they don\'t mix up with your gear.
When you pack your hiking backpack, putting these items in the end will make it easy to find if you need them.
Now that you \'ve packed everything up, bring your backpack for testing.
Put it on and walk around the house or outside.
Most of the weight should be on your hips and lower back if your trekking fashion backpack is properly packed (
These can bear the most weight).
Some weight may even be directed to your knee (
A useful coincidence).
This should reduce the weight of your shoulders.
If your backpack feels uncomfortable, adjust as needed.
You may need to repack part of your hiking backpack.
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