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How the Legendary Birkin Bag Remains Dominant

by:GF bags     2019-08-13
On November, Hermes opened its flagship store in the Miami Design area.
6. local customers can find leather goods, fashion clothes and accessories specially selected for them.
Every Hermes branch is run like an independent boutique, and a store executive goes to Paris every year to buy what he or she thinks will attract the store\'s unique taste.
But no matter which corner of the world some items land, they resonate.
Think about Birkin Sellier 40, the latest version of what casual watchers call the original It package.
Crafted with so-called hunter cowhide-
Keep its shape without much manipulationthe 40-centimeter-
Long style without lining, original
Edge straps, Palladium Hardware, retail for $14,900.
Sellier 40 will be listed in Miami, although \"listing\" is a relative term.
Birkins of various shapes, sizes and styles will still be sold out immediately, and the wait list for 10 or 15 years ago is typical.
Hermès\'s chief executive in the United States, Robert Chavez, said that Burkin really stood up. S.
\"Customers appreciate quality, craftsmanship and timeless style.
\"Yes, the customer is very fascinated by a solid product that takes 18 to 20 hours from start to finish to produce, all done by a craftsman (
Starting with choosing the right leather or exotic skin for the bag, to the end of a series of tough quality control tests).
But they are also fools in caution, shadow marketing, high prices, limited supply and permanent exclusivity.
This is probably the latter, and more important than the former, it makes Birkin the most elite handbag in the world.
In Hermes\'s fiscal 2014, sales of leather goods and horse sadd reached 1 euro. 8 billion ($2 billion)
Nearly 13% more than 1 euro.
2013 6 billion.
In the first quarter of 2015, category sales reached 0. 511 billion euros, up nearly 25% from 0. 41 billion euros last year.
At this time, most luxury brands are struggling around the globe, facing the changing Chinese and Russian markets, when the major currency imbalance between regions makes high-end shopping cold. The 178-year-
The old company did not report how many Birkins were sold each year, nor did it report the percentage of the leather sales figures.
Secrets are intertwined with success.
Hermès does not promote Berkin through traditional print advertising, online advertising or television advertising.
Instead, the company relies on the exclusivity and prestige of the package.
If the world knows how many bags are stirred out each year, its luster will dim.
The only thing Hermes wants you to know is that you may not be able to buy this bag.
\"Hermes is very smart not to flood the market with Perkins,\" said Mario Otelli, a luxury analyst at Sandford C. Bernstein.
In fact, the entire chapter in this buzzing new memoir of Park Avenue is dedicated to the author\'s obsession Wednesday with having one of these elusive satchels.
Those who try often face a month.
Long waiting list
\"No one can walk in and buy a Birkin from behind,\" said CEOof P. Michelle Goad . \"S. Dept.
This is a personal shopping app that serves 20,000 luxury customers around the world.
\"The key to finding a person is to find someone who has a relationship with one of their colleagues ,[
This means that they have
Bought one in the past
\"If it sounds a bit like a trap --
This is because: you have to buy one already to sell aBirkin.
Unless you\'re lucky.
Occasionally, customers can walk into Hermes\'s shop and buy a surprising version --
2009 memoir \"bring Burkin home: my life in the fiery pursuit of my most coveted handbag in the world\" detailing the experience of private shopper Michael Tonello in doing this
But this is far from the norm.
Instead, you need to find a location on the unofficial waiting list. And then wait.
\"Think about it like it\'s almost been interviewed,\" Goad said . \".
\"You have to have a purchase history in the store to start, and then they will meet you to assess how serious you are about spending, and then you will be on their list.
\"They receive these bags occasionally every week --
We said two words at a time, not full delivery, so there was no goods on the shelf.
Colleagues first prioritize customers with \"relationships\", and then all the remaining inventory will be open to their waiting list. ”P. S. Dept.
Recently, Goad found a Birkin for her within a month after the customer\'s request, and Goad easily admitted that it was a \"right time, right place\"to six-
The month is the norm.
Flexibility is also helpful.
\"This customer is very open to size and color --
All she wants is a bag.
This makes it much easier to buy one for her.
Although Hermès denied any \"specific waiting list\", his Chavezechoes echoed the mood for flexibility.
\"When something comes up, we call them and invite them to come in and see our bags,\" he explains . \".
\"Sometimes they are willing to be flexible on size or hardware if they want to accept the packages we offer.
It will take longer if the customer wants to know exactly every detail they ask for, but they are willing to wait.
\"So if you want to buy a Burkin and you can afford it, it will eventually be yours.
At the same time, this exclusivity
Perception and Truth (
Details from price and specific design)—
It creates a lot of cultural prestige and continues the sales cycle.
In addition to dozens of written reports, the second episode of Sex and City is also centered on Samantha\'s search for a handbag unicorn.
This free publicity is the best: money --can’t-buy word-of-
The mouth that blows up the strictly controlled distribution system.
At the same time, the handbag market is constantly changing.
Brands at all levels are raising prices, from Louis Vuitton\'s $5,600 Capucines to Sailin\'s $6,200 lizard box pack.
The number of choices has also increased.
Today, Hermes\'s competitors include not only Chanel and Dior, but also mainnat, Mark Cross and the Row.
Although Hermes\'s share of the luxury goods market has remained stable for the past decade or so --
6% of 2004 and 2013-
Research by BNP Paribas showed that the number of competing \"other\" brands increased from 41% in 2013 to 38% in 2004. (
Louis Vuitton\'s market share fell from 18% in 2013 to 23% in 2004. )
What should category leaders like Hermes do?
Offering new services is a strategy, and Hosie leather does tend to roll out a new package on the runway every other season.
For the fall of 2014, this is Hazlan, a shoulder bag that can be seamlessly converted into oblique crossbody, womens tote bags bag or clutch.
In her 2015 fall premiere, nadger van Shiyi, the company\'s newly appointed female creative director
Cybulski introduced the Octogone package, which looks exactly the same as it sounds. (It\'s octagonal. )
But still the jewel on the crown is Burkin.
In fact, a version featuring diamondsand-
Gold Hardware recently received $223,000 at an auction in Hong Kong.
As a result, the brand focuses on providing more and more rare professional options while maintaining a quality leadnotch.
There is the shadow of Bojin, The Ghillies of Bojin, the So-of Bojin-
Black, and hundreds of color and skin combinations in four standard sizes: 25 cm, 30 cm, 35 cm, and 40 cm styles (
The manager\'s task is to select unique options to attract local customers, although Hermes will not reveal which styles will attract them. )
The most loyal customers
We mean the biggest spender.
Customized services are provided by the company.
Salespeople learn hundreds of combinations available so that serious collectors can easily buy the Birkin they dream.
\"We do accept special orders, but in a very small way,\" Chavez said . \".
\"If we can meet the expectations of our customers, we will consider special orders.
\"Customization has always been at the heart of Birkin in many ways.
After all, the bag was originally made according to the specific circumstances of the actor and singer Jane Burkin of the same name, and she needs to carry it with her to handle her Hermes diary.
But personalized is just another way to attract permanent customers.
If what she wants is different from anyone else in the world, she can have it.
In a sense, the company is redoubling its efforts.
Committed to training 200 new artisans in different categories each year and continue to increase production.
Hermes pointed out that the two new workshops in the Rhone Alps and Poitou Charentes region of France were the source of its success in 2014. (
There are two new workshops in Franche.
The Comt é area will open on 2016. )
Craftsmen are trained for at least five years and will receive additional training if they are going to use exotic skin.
\"Even if it gets bigger and bigger, it\'s spread all over the world and it\'s not exposed,\" said Ortelli, a luxury analyst . \".
\"You can\'t find it in the store.
The unofficial waiting list controls it.
\"With the increase in Hermes production, demand has also increased dramatically due to the combination of multiple factors.
First, the rich in Asia are increasingly not interested in the logo (
The Hermure Hermès tab is only displayed under the top flap of Birkin).
This is in sync with the rise of global quiet luxury --
The idea of refined, minimalist goods, not to mention.
For the modern highnet-
Hermes is a brand worthy of consumption. it is both expensive and subtle.
The classic 25 cm Birkin starts at $9,400, more than double that of 2000. Many exotic-
The skin style is divided into five numbers. (
The new crocodile costs $40 cm for 68,000. )
Although other \"quiet luxury\" brands have become competitors of Hermes, there are no other brands --Not even Chanel.
It is possible to justify these figures for its goods.
\"The real wealth of Birkin is that no other brand has built an iconic bag within [this price range]yet]Said Orelli.
Still, the company will continue to innovate.
\"Sooner or later, there will be another iconic brand\'s signature product,\" he continued . \".
Now and in the future, Hermes must rely on the unparalleled trust of consumers in its name.
\"No other brand has such a trusted legacy,\" Ortelliadd said . \".
\"Victoria Beckham had to create his own fashion brand in exchange for Burkin.
\"It only takes her hundreds of years to catch up.
Update: The third photo (collage)
In the article, Miranda Kerr took a mis-identified Kelly\'s bag and replaced it with a photo of amber that Burkin heard.
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