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here\'s what a year backpacking in 15 countries with a nine-year-old is like

by:GF bags     2019-09-26
We spent 11 months traveling with our 9 backpacks in 15 countries. year-
Son Eric was born for an unforgettable moment.
It was the lowest point of the night before we visited the beautiful Peruvian world heritage site Machu Picchu, sleeping in a whole-
The next night, disco Eric had a hot-tempered, sleepy ky.
Still in Bolivia, when he was unfortunately ill, he vomited from the open window and rushed to deal with the problem.
My observant husband, Griff, can open any window in a few milliseconds, while I master the art of transporting plastic bags.
Surprisingly, the most memorable moments of our trip with Eric were more mundane.
When he was in the fourth grade, we were not there. it was a struggle to do school work every day.
When we launched the provincial class, my charming son sent out an unpleasant complaint.
There is only one fashion backpack per pack and we can\'t carry a large manual.
We use small workbooks to save files on laptops and paper to a minimum.
Because we often travel by bus or train, mobile phones equipped with learning materials are essential. Used-
Shipping tickets are as effective as waste paper.
Complaints continue.
Griff and I adjusted our views on this issue.
Like us, Eric travels abroad, eats new food, walks for hours a day and sleeps in a strange bed.
We are a little bad for him, but he also has to learn.
When complaints get too much, I tell my husband: \"We have to make learning more interesting . \".
With our encouragement, Eric began to learn some regional languages and greet in Spanish, Khmer and Mandarin.
He studied finance by counting the currencies of Argentina and Uruguay.
He helped us to make travel plans and learn geography.
The museum is also a source of interesting facts.
Eric especially likes to visit the pompongo Museum in Kunka, Ecuador.
For 9 years, the show of the shrinking head of Shuar Aboriginal society is fascinatingold.
Volunteers at a family farm in Japan showed him how food grew.
A chance to meet a group of primary school students in Thailand reminds him that going to school is an international thing.
We also strive to make Eric\'s daily study more comfortable.
When there is a hammock, the hammock becomes his favorite place to open books.
While it is attractive to consider the positive elements of travel, we cannot but consider the more difficult parts.
Griff and I visited more than 50 countries in our lifetime and had the opportunity to think about the challenges of backpacking.
In addition to traveling with children, there are more insights about making life on the road bumpy.
We a years the first time outB is a long trip. E. , Before Eric.
Griff and I were just married.
Preparing for our recent trip with our children requires more planning.
We pack up, rent out the house, organize finances, arrange work back, buy insurance, arrange Eric to go to school, etc.
This is a big job.
We started last August.
Monthly camping tours in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.
Then we spent four months in South America, five months in Asia, and the last month in Europe.
The reward for all our preparations is to spend more time at each destination and experience extraordinary adventures as a family.
We don\'t usually book a room in advance.
Looking at accommodation with our own eyes often makes their shortcomings obvious.
Sadly, spending more money in the room doesn\'t guarantee that you have a good rest at night.
Our earplugs and eye covers are always ready.
Generally speaking, we don\'t expect to sleep as much as we do at home.
Another problem is exposure to cigarette smoke. As non-
Smokers, we hate to suck.
Especially when traveling with our son.
In many countries, we share buses and restaurants with smokers.
During the incredible Tiger Leaping Gorge hike in China, the room below us was rented to the Chain Home
Smokers, smoke penetrates through the cracks in the floor.
This is not breathing-
The experience we want.
The challenge of finding food.
Ordering healthy, authentic local food was affected due to language barriers and our travel budget.
We want to get food from places that seem to meet basic food safety standards.
Sometimes there is no tap water anywhere, no cleaning products and no cold storage.
We often turn a blind eye to the obvious shortcomings.
Search for restaurants never seem-ending.
For this reason, we have our own bowls and basic tableware.
When we were too tired to find a cafe or a street vendor, we made our own oatmeal, fruit and coffee and some light meals.
Despite our best efforts to maintain hygiene, we have been hit by several diseases . . . . . . It could be food --related.
Given that we have chosen to travel independently and have only booked our upcoming flights, we have the ultimate freedom we want.
On the other hand, there is a lack of structure with several hours of planning, comparison shopping and scheduling.
Cheers for our electronics, including two phones and a small laptop.
Surprisingly, we can use Wi-
Internet services are usually slow in some very remote areas.
Our efficiency is even worse because we use a virtual private network to protect our information when we are online banking or shopping.
This reduces the speed of calculation.
The virtual private network allows us to access the websites under review (
Like Google or Facebook)
Although in China, this is not the case every time.
One of our favorite references for planning destinations and outings is to download digital guides on all our devices so we don\'t need to take them with us.
Maybe we still look like tourists, but it\'s not because we walk down the street with a tour guide in our hands.
Even if there is a negative impact, it is very worthwhile to have only our backpacks on the road.
We can travel according to our own rhythm, be flexible and choose our favorite activities when we go.
We are open to unexpected things.
In a world where we are too scheduled, what is better than the freedom to complete the passionate life of the fourth grade on a trip, is now being re-adjusted to the general school.
Griff and I went back to work and thanked us for the safety of our daily lives.
We did it together as a family.
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