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here\'s how coach bags turned from coveted classics into tacky chaos

by:GF bags     2019-09-18
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In college, a friend gave me one.
Some of the girls\' mothers and grandmothers used to carry school coaches.
It is made of non-fading black leather with brass hardware and long shoulder straps.
I think on the bench in the church it might look like home.
I love this bag for aesthetic and practical reasons as it is cute and simple
Solid test.
My own grandmother had a model similar to mine for most of my life until last year, because she had Alzheimer\'s, she baked it in the oven and eventually it
There is a reason why \"retro coach\" has so many results on Etsy and Ebay: the company\'s classic products last forever.
But the times have changed and the coaching staff have changed.
Over the years, they have become more detailed, their designs are more complex, and in some cases, even completely tacky, they just don\'t stand the wear and tear like their old-fashioned cousins.
About 2000, the company takes its products from simple design, neutral
A bag made of mixed material, that is, leather paired with canvas or nylon, with a range of colors and logo patterns.
Now the company says it is trying to get rid of the design.
But even if it starts to offer something more basic and retro --
Coach\'s website also sells new designs with complex embroidery, contrast stitching, rivets, stripes and bright patterns.
These products are never cheap.
On 1989, when my simple \"court\" bag debuted at the store, it retails for $176, which is about $342 in today\'s currency.
For mid-sized designs, the price of the Coach package is currently around $225 to $550.
Customers who can afford these luxury goods should, of course, expect them to last for a long time.
Although the complex design of the coach may look good for a period of time, the decoration is easily damaged and canvas or nylon can hardly be hit like solid leather.
Chris Moore, owner of Manhattan affordable handbags repair shop Artbag, told Huffington Post on the phone: \"When you have complex designs, sometimes you may suffer in terms of durability.
The coach seemed to realize it was a problem.
According to a statement from the company, last year it began offering a series of \"icon\" packages designed to make it look \"familiar\" to millions of people who grew up with coaching packages \".
Many of the bags of this new series are made of solid leather, not a combination of materials, and are a step back to the simple, sturdy designs that the company has been selling for decades-these designs last for decades.
Still, some of the new icon packs have exquisite decor.
Today, Moore pointed out, the design of ordinary bags is \"not very attractive\" for many women \".
Packages with complex designs are more popular, although they can wear out faster.
Tony Pecola, owner of Manhattan\'s modern leather goods repair shop, said adding bags that combine canvas and nylon with traditional leather constitutes a product that will never look like
But he also quickly defended the coach\'s previous attempts to sell the items, saying
Material package, and updated all-
Decorative leather products are the \"fashion capital\" of the fashion industry \".
However, style is fickle and they bring a lot of recent pain to the coach. Fast-
Fashion retailers like H & M and Zara have made keeping up with the trend a popular hobby, turning runway styles into affordable goods in just a few weeks, at the same time, the time before the design of clothing and accessories is outdated.
Meanwhile, Coach\'s customers have actually started mixingmaterial, logo-
The company has been very successful in marketing design-centric products over 2000 years.
Sales in the past two years have fallen by $0. 2 billion, and coach\'s share price volatility has intensified due to uncertainty about the brand\'s future growth.
Coach, in turn, is supporting those in-your-
As of January, face fabric \"C\" prints accounted for less than 5% of store sales.
In addition, the company has promised that its new icon pack will be \"better over time\", which sounds like a welcome change to the troublesome experiments on its fragile products.
The coach praised Stuart Vevers, his creative director, for changing the less resistant design.
\"When Stuart Vevers joined the brand in 2013, he wanted to reshape the coach with a modern luxury view, but was loyal to our roots in leather craftsmanship, the company said in a statement to Huffington Post.
But when the coach struggles in a quick game
The world of fashion and trying to get back to its roots, it tries not to completely abandon those who bought a broken bag.
As of 2015, the company\'s handbags and leather goods are now equipped with one-
Annual warranty, industry standard.
According to the company\'s website, the repair of \"manufacturing defects\" is free within that time frame.
Other repairs, including general repairs to bags after the first year, can be completed at a \"fixed cost.
\"Coach\'s previous repair policy never offered a free repair: $20, you can send the package out for repair at any point in the life of the package --up.
While this may make sense when the bag is very durable, it is no longer suitable for each coaching bag.
Obviously, these details
The maintenance personnel of the company need more efforts to produce rich bags.
In fact, Pecorella, one of the independent leather repair experts we interviewed, recalled that he wanted to know how the coach had kept up with the repair requirements over the years.
Coach more or less acknowledges this, saying in a statement to Huffington Post that its \"policy was updated a year ago, allowing Coach to accept more complex work within us
House craftsmen to ensure the highest quality and customer satisfaction with repairs.
\"For the record, on 2012, I sent out my retro bag for repair under the old policy.
It\'s a brass D-
The ring was worn out and it cost $20 to come back in six weeks and looks great.
I had the same problem in 2016 and the company solved it for me again, this time it was $40.
The price increase for the same job is annoying, but this is definitely a better option than buying a brand new bag.
It is convenient for the coach to continue to provide repairs, as independent leather maintenance experts are expected to reduce in the next decade.
At the same time, old-fans
The school coach hopes the company will continue to remember its traditions.
are present in just about every facet of modern life.
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