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handsome and hands-free: our favourite backpacks this season

by:GF bags     2019-09-25
I will always connect my backpack to my backpack. to-school.
From kindergarten to the end of my college days, they are as important as a new pair of indoor shoes or thin shoes-Septembertipped pens.
The little collection that still lives in my parents\' basement tells the story of my style shift (from Disney-
Obsessed with sports, last, fashion but function).
Even though my backto-
School days are long behind
Mirror, I\'m nostalgic for a hand
So many free bags fill the market.
Everyone from Louis Vuitton and Chanel to roots and Gap offers the option to keep our stuff stylish and stored.
Because they look great, from suits to sweat, you can get the maximum mileage from your new bag by sticking to complex styles, including leather panels, minimal hardware or structured shapes.
You should even consider your color selection.
No one will treat you as a student.
Mansur Gavriel\'s bag is sought after due to its minimal design and cool color palette.
This spacious backpack (
The same is true for light pink, hot red and rich caramel)
Big enough to store everything you have, but smooth enough to bring into the meeting room.
Black backpack, $1,100, mansurgavriel.
Don\'t you often see Navy crocodiles at midnight? Printed leather.
It is as versatile as black, but has a subtle depth that makes it feel special.
The bag has a slim silhouette that makes it the perfect companion for the suit.
Marcelle backpack, $566. 88, clarev.
Do you still bring your canvas bag since your days on campus?
Now is the time to upgrade.
This structured bag with leather straps and internal pockets looks just as good today as in the next few years.
Metropole coach urban soft backpack, $550.
ComThis is versatile.
The Cos leather bag can be used as both a affordable handbags and a backpack, as well as a number of hidden pockets for carrying files, laptops and even lunch.
Grained leather womens tote bags bag, about $290 CAD, available in CosstoresThis, feels like a Jansport bag that flooded my high school hall, but due to smooth satin finish, it has gained a certain degree of mature charm.
The outside pocket is perfect for quick access to your phone, keys and Metro pass.
Elizabeth and James satin backpack with a net price of about $380a-porter.
Make your cubiclemates jealous?
Buy this bag from the radar brand Danse Lente.
Convertible strap (
From one shoulder to two shoulders)
The discreet logo makes it coolgirl magnet.
Jamie leather backpack Danse Lente, $730, stylish.
If you want to spend your rent on your backpack, do this.
Just touch the butter soft leather gently and you will be sold.
It will be easy to take you beyond the commute to the chic weekend.
Loewe leather backpack, about $4,200 CAD, net price-a-porter.
Looking for something outside the box?
Matt & Nat\'s vegan leather backpack meets the requirements.
They have considered everything: metal feet that prevent rolling, recycled nylon liners and pockets that carry technology.
Mattandnat Kiara Rio backpack, $160.
It\'s not surprising that the Canadian designer designed the backpack. The ultra-
Light weight, nylon herringbone is like a comfortable puffer jacket for your gear, making it ideal for the cold winter of the future.
Mackage Idra Nylon for $503. 22, shopbop.
If you are easy to wear neutral clothes, there is nothing that can surprise your clothes more than the popular colors.
The combination of maroon and cow blood looks as good as your office essentials, just like a pair of jeans and sweaters --duty days.
Middle color of REIA
$378 (pebble leather fashion backpack)
Sold for $283. 50), michaelkors. Montreal-
Design package with all the details
End the fashion backpack but ring at a more delicious price.
Also, it has a sturdy tote handle, so it is more like two bags in one bag.
Alex Sand backpack, $539 (
$378), thestowe.
Moneta (comCaitlan Moneta)@caitlanmoneta)is a Toronto-
Fashion editors, writers and designers.
She firmly believes that nothing can be solved by retail therapy.
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