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Handbags from Kate Spade’s Frances Valentine brand SELL OUT following the designer’s tragic death – despite never achieving the same success as the eponymous label she sold

by:GF bags     2019-08-22
The news of Kate Spade\'s untimely death has caused a stir in the fashion world.
Fans seem eager to get a permanent souvenir from the late designer, whose Frances Valentine handbags were sold out almost immediately.
At the time of writing, each handbag on the Spade accessories label --
Launched in 2016-
Listed as out of stock on the brand\'s website (
French Valentine\'s Daycom). Sold-
The design includes $375 (£279)
Vachetta leather womens tote bags bag, $295 per piece (£219)
$245 (Wicker crossbody)£182)
Canvas shopping bags. Even a $28 (£21)
$35 canvas wine bag (£26)
Pair of earrings and one $58 (£43)
In addition to sunglasses, wallets and make-up boxes, household valet trays are sold out.
Scroll spade, who died at her home in New York this week at the age of 55, founded Frances Valentine under her daughter\'s name, her husband, Andy, sold a stake in her first fashion business, Kate Silk & Co.
It was purchased in 2017 for $2. 4billion (around £1. 7million)-
The founder of the company holds 20 times the value when selling shares.
The parent company of the coach, tapestry.
Frances Valentine, who has never publicly disclosed turnover or profits, has failed to achieve the same success as Spade\'s brand of the same name, despite positive reviews from fashion magazines and critics.
It doesn\'t have a separate New York store, but sells goods online on its own website and is in stock in Bloomingdale, Saks and Nordstrom.
Law enforcement officials said Spade was found dead in an apartment in New York City on Tuesday on suspicion of suicide, but her death was an ongoing investigation.
The businesswoman is known for her and her husband\'s brand of handbags of the same name, founded in 1993.
Katherine was born in Kathryn Noel brannahan, with a journalism degree from Arizona State University in 1985, and moved to New York in the second year to join Miss magazine as a fashion editor.
After leaving the magazine in early 1990, she started her handbag designer career with her husband and opened her first store in 1996.
Since then, the brand has become a household name in stores around the world and has expanded its product line including clothing, footwear and stationery.
Her work won praise in the early days, and Spade won the American new fashion accessories Talent Award from the American fashion designer Council in 1996.
Spade completed a sale of her business share in 2006 for $0. 124 billion (£93 million)
On 2007, she asked for leave to do charity work to take care of her daughter Frances Beyonce, who was born on 2005.
Recently, she entered the Entrepreneur Hall of Fame at Henry W. Broch School of Management in the United States, and last year, business magazine Fast Company named her one of the most creative people in the business world.
In 2016, the designer and her husband joined forces again to launch the handbag and footwear brand Frances Valentine.
She also changed her last name to valentine to differentiate herself from her original brand.
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