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Handbag includes all sorts of bag that have handle to hold, and handbag in general belongs to handbag made by bag factory, in broad senser, its product includes door bag that has a belt, and tote; Handbag did not take called silver bag, wallet; According to the use of the handbag, handbag can be divided into: travelling bag, document bag, time style bag, packing bag, silver bag, wallet, schoolbag. Later handbag in Xinhua dictionary annotation for bag: bag, pocket; A handbag is a bag for putting things in. Japanese sometimes refer to gloves as handbags.

Handbag history

Handbag originated in the early 16th century when balls were popular among European royalty.

In order to carry rouge and lipstick, Aristocratic ladies and females asked the tailor to make only a delicate pocket, small and exquisite which could only hang in the bowl,  in this case, it would not affect their dancing.

Before the 18th century, women’s handbags were not publicized to the public, and a woman’s personal belongings were carried in a small bag that was attached to her waist. They could reach into bag from between skirts and underwear. Women of the time sewed the pouches to their garment which could not be seen from the outside of the skirt.

By the Time of the British Regency, women began to wear more see-through cotton dresses, and bags inside became a problem.

As it was not decent to hang a heavy bag under a thin skirt, they began to use net bags for fans and incense boxes. Bags caused quite a stir when they first appeared on women’s wrists. Handbag sewing is also popular hand knitting methods and fancy boutique handbags.

Maintenance tips for handbag & tote

Handbag differs from one to another. Daily care can sustain handbag’s ins and outs, extend tote’s durability. In the following, it will fill you in with different maintenance tips for different handbags or totes.

Canvas handbag

1) When canvas handbag is washed for the first time, add salt or white vinegar to the clean water first, and then soak canvas tote for 30 minutes which is to prevent fading then wash it. Remove accessories of canvas handbag before cleaning.

2) There are obvious stains to local cleaning ~ such as oil stains, they can be used to clean with detergent! To clean thoroughly, use a soft brush and rinse thoroughly.Turn around in the shade!

3) Canvas handbag contains coriaceous cannot immerse catharsis, usable purify adds a small amount to wash clean essence, brush with small velvet line to brush gently back and forth. Under normal circumstances, bag cleaning often uses small velvet brush to brush dust gently , some can use iron to iron appropriately, it keeps its shape beautiful.

4) It is recommended to use a neutral and gentle detergent for cleaning handbag, such as shampoo, dishwashing liquid and gold spinning, but also it can be used to wash clothes and take the brightening bleach solution. Soak for 10-30 minutes to clean. If there is really difficult to clean stain, you can buy petroleum ether to the gas station, which is the practice of dry cleaners.

5) Drying of handbag is the most important step. If you are afraid of coloring to handbag, wrap the bag with a lot of toilet paper after cleaning. It must be close to package to prevent coloring and yellow canvas.

Leather handbag

Leather handbags is strong and durable with beautiful appearance, easy to clean. Good bags are mostly made of imported high-grade leather, due to its unique technology, stable quality and novel varieties. The price and class are no less than the first layer of leather.

1) Dry in the dark or by air, dry on the other side, wash by hand at low temperature, iron at medium temperature to avoid exposure to the sun.

2) The leather bag is mainly against high temperature, mildew, acid, rain, heavy load and overload.

3) When cleaning, wipe the water and dirt on the leather with a dry towel, clean them with advanced leather cleaning liquid, then brush them with advanced leather brightener and dry them in a dry and cool place.

4) The leather bag that out of season must clean its leather face first before receiving, and inside leather bag, consumer should put clean shredded paper ball or cotton unlined upper garment in order to maintain the shape of leather bag, put leather bag into soft cotton bag again next, collect in ark and consumer should avoid improper extrusion and be out of shape.

Natural leather handbag is mainly affected by wind and sun, dust pollution, rain, etc., leather of handbag becomes hard and the color fades. To maintain handbag, a method is to wipe the moisture on leather with dry towel and filth, use leather to have cleanness fluid to clear its clean, reoccupy leather brightener besmear brushes a layer.In this way, leather goods should be kept soft and comfortable all the time. Do not overload the goods, avoid friction with rough and sharp objects, and damage them. Do not burn leather tote in the hot sun, bake or squeeze with fire, and do not approach inflammable goods.Leather absorbability is strong, should pay attention to anti-fouling, high-grade sand leather especially to pay attention.If there is a stain on the leather, wipe it with a clean wet cotton cloth detergent and let it dry naturally.It can be tried out in an inconspicuous corner before formal use.  Leather is wrinkled and IT can be ironed at a temperature between 60-70℃.When ironing, iron should be moved constantly with the help of a thin cotton cloth. 

Leather loses luster, usable leather glazing agent is glazing, do not go wiping with shoe polish. To maintain the softness of leather and burnish, it can prolong service life. Leather had better be used often. If encountering rain to be affected by damp or mildew, apply usable soft dry cloth to wipe water to be soiled or mildew spot.If the leather is stained with drinks, it should be immediately sucked dry with a clean cloth or sponge and wiped with a wet cloth to let it dry naturally. 

Do not blow dry with a air blower.If be stained with grease, usable and dry cloth is wiped clean, remaining by its nature dissipate, or cleaner is cleaned, still usable talc powder and chalk ash reduce, must not scrub with water.Leather clothes such as tear or damage, should be timely professional repair.If it is a small crack, you can point at the crack egg white, crack can be bonded.Leather products should not be baked by fire or exposed directly to the sun. It will cause the leather to be out of shape, dry and fade.Leather goods should be wiped with leather goods maintenance solution.But what want to notice is, differ somewhat as a result of coriaceous difference, had better ask clear coriaceous first when using, reoccupy fluid daub is in the bottom of leather bag or inside wait for not pleasing to the eye place, in order to test it whether can apply.When leather is suede, remove with a soft animal hair brush. Usually, this kind of leather will be easy to remove because of the spread of oil, so it is best to stay away from things such as chewing gum or candy. When removing this kind of leather, gently clean, in case too hard and make handbag white, leave a mark.Patent leather is easy to crack, so you have to be very careful with it. Usually just wipe it with a soft cloth like a handkerchief. 

Popular handbags on the market are breakthrough in style, color or material. For example, the Chanel bag is made of suede, leather for handbag factory is darker and more concave, but the body design is made of diamond pattern.

There are also some handbags in the same design, wholesale handbag or custom tote could also choose different colors, collage, connected into different color blocks. Material qualitatively goes up,  handbag that has copy leather jean cloth, velvet, flower cloth, silk damask, hemp and cane will become commonly welcome. 

Some handbags are also decorated with beads, sequins, flowers, lace, or embroidered on the handbag. Spring handbag is in design respect, it is premise with concise mostly. Not vulgar taste personality, the pursuit of personality fashion.Whether evening or casual; No matter gorgeous or simple;Whether conservative or avant-garde, handbag can be embellished by bag factory.

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