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handbag designer kendall conrad expands into footwear, brass jewelry

by:GF bags     2019-08-18
Accessories designer Kendall Conrad\'s face brightened in the sun on the latest morning --
When she turned over a page of funny owl sketches, black images, filled with the boutique of stay Kinneyand-
White ceramic ware, the bull head on the front, the color is blue, Picasso blue.
She turned to Picasso: The Mediterranean Years and Picasso and Francois Giro: Paris --Valleis, 1943-
1953 \"explains the artistic inspiration of her spring Vallauris collection, which is probably her best work to date.
\"He is my favorite artist and has a great impact on me,\" Conrad said . \" Conrad is wearing denim shorts, a cashmere sweater and her own Pacha wrapped sandals.
\"I focused on the Vallauris period because when he got married to Francoise and lived there with their children, it was a very happy time for him.
I feel the melancholy of spring, joy and beauty.
\"The shades of blue coast surfing and the sky are reflected in the hands of the collection --
Narcisa II package (blue snake skin)$3,000)
The playful lines of Madoura ceramics in Picasso\'s hands
Stitching an image of faun on a black leather womens tote bags bag ($900).
There\'s even a linen shawl ($980)
Made in collaboration with I Pezzi Dipinti, with white border stitching, similar to line drawing.
\"It\'s innocent, playful and fun Picasso,\" Conrad said . \"
Once a fashion model, she used to allocate time between Europe and Los Angeles. A.
Conrad returned to Santa Barbara, where she grew up, to raise her own children.
She started an accessory collection Tauro in 2000 and quickly gained followers in her fashion tastes --to-earth, Cal-
Euro-style handbags and leather bracelets in luxurious materials and pastel colors.
\"I couldn\'t find the bag I liked at the time, so I decided to do it myself with the local saddle maker,\" she said . \".
\"I asked him to sew up my sketch and it worked very well.
Friends like, want one.
Maxfield is behind me and [
West Coast editor
Lisa Love makes me fashionable. \"That bag —the Marisol ($525)
Made in bridle leather, this lightweight handbag comes with hand stitching and two tassel details-
Still top sellers.
She set up a wholesale business for about 50 stores and then took it back in 2007, renamed the Kendall Conrad brand.
Now, she sells her boutiques on Brentwood, montesito and Venice, as well as on her website.
Thanks to best-selling products such as her iPhone case, Zipper, the business has been growing steadily
Surrounded by bags with tassel details, there is a phone in them, and there is room for credit cards and cash. The style ($380 to $1,100)
Leather, crocodile and snake skin.
In spring, she added an optional wristband ($60).
\"This is everything I go out at night,\" she said . \".
Salamanca soft bags are other core styles (
$1,050 to $1,150)and the Campo ($980)
, An adjustable backpack that can be converted into a backpack.
\"It\'s all about functionality,\" she said . \"
Handbags made by Conrad in Los AngelesA.
Now that many women rely too much on fashion logos and gorgeous hardware, they are looking for something that is more low-key and looks particularly appropriate.
The Spring Series is 50% larger than the previous season, including Chiquita ($550 to $575)A little cross
Body bag made of white, black or brass-
Color leather and sea blue suede.
In the past few years, Conrad has gradually introduced a new product category, namely footwear (
$390 to $450 sandals with flat sandals and simple suede slippers
Brass jewelry.
Organic food included
Find stacked rings and bracelets ($36 to $310)
It seems that they may be rolled over by the sea;
Bracelet (Toro ($475)
With the charm of the miniskirt jacket, the Bulls and flamenco dancers; and horn-
Islero earrings ($220).
Islero ear cuff is a new product of this season ($40)
Inspired by the bullnose ring Conrad calls \"ear art.
\"In addition to Picasso\'s work, she has a lot of stories to draw inspiration from.
The father of the designer is Nabi Conrad, a minibus.
In his 2013 liter descriptionA.
The obituary of the times is \"Matador, bon vivant, portrait artist, author of 36 books, founder of the Santa Barbara Writers Conference.
His 1952 novels, the matador, sold 3 million copies, and John Steinbeck chose it as his favorite book this year.
The book\'s royalties provide Barnaby Conrad with the capital to open a \"Matador\" nightclub in San Francisco in 1953.
He took his family to the bullring in Spain and Mexico.
When Kendall began designing, it was the romance and grandeur of the sport that drove her, coupled with her own passion for riding.
\"The Islero jewelry collection was inspired by the bull that killed Manolete, the most famous bullfighter of his time.
\"Islero is a hero bull, a rock star bull,\" she said . \"(
Her father\'s pencil.
The manolette portrait he completed while visiting the Peruvian matador is one of her most precious possessions. )
But despite her literary upbringing
Joan Didion, Gore Vidal, and Ray Bradbury are regular guests at their parents\' home at Ringo Point)
Conrad doesn\'t write much.
\"I hate it,\" she admitted . \"
The platform she chose? Instagram.
Her account is a beautifully curated gallery of images, including of course art, fashion photography and bullfighting.
\"I have expressed a lot there,\" she said . \".
\"You can post your mood board. . .
People have a real understanding of your aesthetics.
\"What is the next goal of the designer?
She\'s starting wholesale again.
She is working on some new materials.
In the fall, she made jewelry with wood from California walnut trees and more shawls, this time made of cashmere.
\"I don\'t have the title of this series yet,\" she said . \".
\"But there will be a feeling of the Spanish Gypsy.
I can\'t wait.
Kendall Conrad where: Kinney Avenue, 1121 Abbot. , Bldg.
3. trading time: 11. m. to 7 p. m.
Daily Information :(310)399-1333; www.
Kendallconraddesign. combooth. moore@latimes.
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