Gunman Kills Two, Wounds Three in Florence Market Before Killing Himself

by:GF bags     2019-09-04
A very right Italian man.
Authorities said wing Guan opened fire on an outdoor market in Florence on Tuesday, killing two vendors from Senegal, then seriously injuring three other Senegalese migrants in another Florence market and then committing suicide.
Florence prosecutor Giuseppe quatroki said that when the police approached him, the man shot himself in the head in the underground parking lot of San Lorenzo in the center of the Tuscan capital.
Investigators confirmed 50 attackers. year-
Old Gianluca casserole.
RAI state television said police knew he was in a racist march on the extreme right. wing group.
It says he used.
357 Magnan pistol.
The Italian president, Giorgio Napolitano, condemned what he called \"the brutal killing of two foreign workers\" and condemned \"this blind explosion of hatred \".
In a statement, Napolitano called on the Italian authorities and society to \"wipe out all forms of intolerance in the bud and reaffirm the tradition of our country\'s openness and solidarity . \"
The mayor of Florence, Matteo Renzi, described the attacker as \"clear --
\"Crazy and racist killers,\" said ANSA, an Italian news agency . \".
\"Florence is crying,\" added Renzi.
\"After the attack, Senegalese immigrants in Florence began to march spontaneously towards the city center, shouting,\" Senegal.
\"Many Senegalese are vendors selling scarves, wallets, belts, handbags and other items to locals and tourists near monuments in several Italian cities such as Florence and Rome.
When many people went out for lunch, the attack in Florence took place on the same day that a group of holiday shoppers in the Belgian city of Liege were attacked by grenades.
Authorities say a man armed with grenades and assault rifles attacked the crowd, killing three people and injuring 75.
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